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Good Neighbor Hotel at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Walt Disney World Good Neighbor hotels will offer you excellent value for money, while focusing on comfort and quality. You can relax and enjoy several distinctive benefits. Most of these hotels are located very close to theme parks and Disney Springs.

All of these hotels are Disney approved and offer a variety of amenities for all families, provide theme park information, have a customer service counter to help with planning your Disney vacation and transportation to the parks thematic and available (charges may apply).

Many of these hotels offer breakfast or have rooms with kitchenette, can accommodate families with pets and will offer a variety of room types for small and large families!

This is an excellent choice for visitors who want to be close to the parks and have a greater choice of room types, activities, amenities, while retaining many of the benefits of Disney hotels. You can book these hotels as a package or in a room only.

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