Plan your trip to Disney

Plan your trip to Disney

A visit to Walt Disney World Resort deserves careful planning so that your trip is as magical as possible, meets your family's wants and desires, and allows you to come home with a full head and heart. of magic and wonderful memories. Here are some factors that can influence your trip planning.

The period chosen for the trip?

Of course, the experience may be different depending on the time period chosen to travel. First of all, the ridership can vary enormously depending on the period. It is generally advisable to avoid school vacations and public holidays (especially "Spring Break" and "Thanksgiving") as well as Easter. Christmas (and the entire holiday season) is of course the busiest time of the year. On the other hand, if it is not possible for you to travel at another time, good planning will ensure that you have a pleasant trip, despite the traffic.

Also, it's important to remember that summer in Florida is particularly hot and humid. It can be difficult to spend a full day in the parks, and it's a good idea to schedule an afternoon pool break to avoid heatstroke, especially among children. From mid-August, the traffic gradually decreases and in September and October you can enjoy great weather without the crowds. Another very pleasant period is from January until mid-March (just before the US school break). On the other hand, it can be cold during this period, so you have to wear clothes for all temperatures. Finally, it can be interesting to visit the Walt Disney World Resort when Halloween or Christmas decorations light up the parks, or during one of the many festivals. Talk to your travel consultant about the best time for you and your family to visit Disney Parks.

How long?

Several factors can influence the ideal length of your trip. During busy periods, you will definitely need more time to visit each park. Also, depending on whether you are traveling with young children or with teenagers, the pace will be very different. With a baby or toddler, it is ideal to plan for moments of rest, a mid-day break and even take a leave of the parks mid-stay so you don't come back exhausted.

Also, if you want to enjoy the water parks and other pleasures, such as golf or mini-putt, it is worth reserving a few more days and making the most of your stay at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It can also be very interesting to visit the surroundings of Orlando or to plan a few days at the beach.

A trip to Walt Disney World Resort can therefore vary enormously according to your tastes, your interests, your family situation, but also your budget!

What to expect?

In order to fully enjoy your visit, it is important to monitor the weather before your departure! As mentioned, some periods can be quite cold, so you should bring warm clothes for the evenings. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential for summer days. And since you will be walking dozens of km a day, good shoes are essential.

If you have young children, it is advisable to bring a good, comfortable stroller or rent it from a third party for the duration of your stay. Strollers on the Disney site aren't really suitable for very young children and can't get out of the parks, so it's best to bring your own or rent for the entire stay through a Disney-approved provider. A baby carrier can also be very useful with a young child since you will have to leave the stroller outside the attractions.

Although it is not mandatory, a smartphone can improve many aspects of your stay! Thanks to the My Disney Experience app, you will be able to select your park days, book restaurants, place mobile orders in fast food restaurants, check attraction waiting times, show times and in a few weeks, use the new Disney Genie system that will allow you to maximize your planning by creating a personalized itinerary for you throughout the day.

Good planning is also necessary to maximize your stay in Magical Land. Don't hesitate to talk to your travel advisor about your needs, your tastes and your travel priorities. It's impossible to see everything in one visit to Disney, so it will be important to prioritize certain attractions or experiences. Some restaurants require reservations several weeks in advance of your stay. Guided tours, princess or pirate transformations for children or certain shows like Cirque du Soleil are usually sold out several months in advance. It is therefore important to plan your schedule well so as not to experience disappointment once there.

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