Restaurants and meal plans

Restaurants and meal plan

Think Disney's all about burgers or fast food? Think again!

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has over 80 table restaurants with a wide variety of menus, including several gourmet restaurants. From the themed character buffet to the award-winning Victoria & Albert’s Five Diamond restaurant, casual restaurants as well as more luxurious ones will indulge you in fine dining with options for the whole family. And that's without counting more than 300 fast food outlets, street trucks, bars and lounges, for a particularly varied catering offer.

Some restaurants also host dinner shows to combine a delicious meal with an entertaining show. For example, you will be able to reserve a table at a selected restaurant in Epcot Park and then attend the late night show.

Also, for gourmets and gourmets, several festivals showcasing gastronomy are held throughout the year. Several culinary workshops also take place to introduce you to new flavors, the cuisine of famous chefs and celebrate food and good wine in style!

In addition, under normal circumstances, it is possible to add one of the meal plans offered by Disney to your package at Walt Disney World Resort. More details are to come as at this time, given the physical distancing and more limited capacity of parks and restaurants, these meal packages are not available, but they should be back shortly.

Contact your Creator of Magic for more information on the various dining options available at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

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