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Punta Cana Travel

Who could resist a trip to Punta Cana and its 48 kilometers of white sandy beaches?! A stay in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic offers the opportunity to dive, swim, and have fun in the crystal clear waters of paradise. This resort area lies in the southeast of the country and has welcomed millions of tourists. Between water sports, sun tanning, and the discovery of a culture with deep roots in the Caribbean basin, a Punta Cana resort is an obvious choice!

Those seeking relaxation have already adopted the long beaches of Punta Cana where all kinds of activities take place. Take, for example, scuba diving and observing the underwater world, volleyball (a great opportunity to meet others), hang gliding to trigger primal sensations, and even swimming with dolphins for magical and memorable moments. The beach is the perfect place to unwind and relax on deckchairs in the shade of a natural parasol, sipping skillfully-mixed cocktails. Among these wonderful beaches, try out the Playa de Arena Gorda, the Playa de El Cortecito, and the Playa Bavaro.

The beach is not the only centre of fun and activity since excursions from Punta Cana are possible ... and certainly recommended. The hardiest will head for the trails to explore in detail the incredible range of local flora and fauna. Pay a visit to Manati Park which is home to many animals, dolphins, and specimens of rare plants. Both children and parents will enjoy climbing, iguanas, majestic tigers, and very elegant pink flamingos!

A trip to Punta Cana is also about strolling the streets in search of bargains and souvenirs. The most popular shopping is usually done at Galerias Punta Cana, a Mediterranean-style, open-air shopping centre. Another area with fabulous shops: the Palma Real Shopping Village whose name is enlightening. For a little less upmarket shopping, head to Plaza Bavaro and find charming souvenirs to take back home.

Keep in mind that Punta Cana, like all of the Dominican Republic, is a year-round destination. However, the city has a humid subtropical climate which means that there are two distinct seasons. One is hot and humid with heavy rain and even the possibility of hurricanes. Therefore, it is preferable to choose the dry season, which runs from November to April. Temperatures for that period vary between 25°C and 30°C.

There are many points of interest, including the excellent Marinarium Marine Park and Aquarium that offers boat trips to explore the Caribbean's coral reefs and marine life. It is based on ecotourism principles: that profits are reinvested for the protection of the environment and education to raise awareness of the environment and the ecosystem. From sea kayaking to a relaxing stroll, from festive cruises to a catamaran outing, Marinarium is the obvious place to spend memorable times with family or friends.

The atmosphere of Punta Cana is decidedly upbeat thanks to the city's many bars, terraces, and restaurants. Let yourself be seduced by the music in the magical setting of Parque Colon. The local Creole cuisine is based upon the banana, with dishes such as tostones (fried banana slices) and mangu, a puree of boiled green bananas.

Accommodations are very comfortable with the possibility of reasonable all-inclusive packages that include access to beaches. Many resorts make the trip a true pleasure, offering attractive, clean rooms, full amenities, and quality service. Among such hotels in Punta Cana are the Bavaro Princess Punta Cana, the Grand Paradise Bavaro Punta Cana, the Punta Cana Bavaro, the Bavaro Beach Punta Cana, the Bavaro Palace Deluxe Punta Cana, the Royal Bavaro Punta Cana, the Catalonia Bavaro Punta Cana, the Grand Palladium Bavaro Punta Cana, the Club Med Punta Cana, the Club Princess Punta Cana, the Grand Palladium Punta Cana, the Tropical Princess Punta Cana, the Riu Palace Punta Cana, the Riu Palace Macao, the Riu Bambu Punta Cana, the Occidental Grand Punta Cana, and the Arena Blanca Punta Cana.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When Quebec is at standard time there is no difference and no lag with the Dominican Republic. When Quebec is in daylight saving time, a delay of one hour is to be expected.
    Average temperatures in Puerto Plata vary between 19 and 28 degrees C. at the beginning of the year (January, February, March) and at its hottest, during the summer months, that is from May to September the temperatures can rise up to 32 degrees C.
    For the beauty of its sandy beaches on the Caribbean Sea and the variety of hotel categories, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is the best choice; For the windsurfing and surfing activities offered by the Atlantic Ocean and the variety of excursions offered outside the resorts, Puerto Plata is the preferred destination.
    Punta Cana is located in the southeast of the island of the Dominican Republic, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.
    The Dominican Peso (DOP) is the monetary currency in Punta Cana, and everywhere in the Dominican Republic, but the American dollar is also accepted on the island.
    Punta Cana is mainly washed by the Caribbean Sea.
    Just like every destination in the Dominican Republic, when Quebec returns to normal time, there is no time difference in Punta Cana; while during the winter months, when Quebec is in daylight saving time, the difference is one hour.
    Several snorkeling and scuba diving excursions are offered in Punta Cana, as are excursions to Samana Island, zipline and marine discoveries at Scape Park in Cap Cana, beachside horseback riding and in non-motorized trails to discover pretty little villages, motorcycle excursions in the Punta Cana countryside, and so much more to do.
    In Punta Cana, many reptiles can be seen such as snakes, crocodiles, iguanas, several varieties of birds such as hummingbirds, storks, pelicans, and butterflies of all kinds. In Enriquillo National Park, you'll see the world's largest alligator reserve.
    Several local items can be brought back as a souvenir on your next trip to Punta Cana; rum, coffee and vanilla, Larimar (semi-precious stone typical of the destination) and Amber (3rd producer in the world) by ensuring beforehand the quality of the product purchased, Davidoff cigars (for connoisseurs ), local crafts (for the sculptures), and of course the music of Merengue or Bachata that you will listen to on your return to remind you of such good times!
    As with all tropical destinations, have your immunities checked by a travel health clinic, some vaccines are for a maximum duration and must be renewed. hepatitis A and B, rabies, tetanus, measles, rubella, mumps, typhoid, and probably that of Covid-19 which could become mandatory. https://voyage.gc.ca/destinations/republique-dominicaine
    Algae can be found anywhere in Caribbean and Mexican destinations, including Punta Cana. These algae are a climatic effect caused by temperatures, strong winds, ocean currents and nutrients. All efforts are made by hoteliers to try to limit the occurrence of these algae along the beaches.
    In the Caribbean Sea, there can be presence of sharks as in all the seas of the world. However, sharks will rarely approach coasts and beaches because of the barrier reef that prevents them there. But you might see dolphins!
    Just like in the tropics, there are mosquitoes because of the humidity and vegetation; At dawn or dusk, times of the day when mosquitoes are more present, it is therefore important to bring with you in the suitcase a mosquito repellent that contains 'Deet' to minimize bites.
    Punta Cana is a seaside destination for practicing all water sports and swimming in its warm turquoise waters.
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