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Interest-free travel financing to go on a trip now

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Ask us for Accord D for your next trip.

Applying for an Accord D financing travel loan, it is sort of an interest-free travel loan to be repaid in six (6) or twelve (12) equal installments without interest. It is even more advantageous than the old Sears travel financing.

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With our travel agency, you can pay for your trip at no extra charge in equal monthly installments. Whether you want to pay for airline tickets, all-inclusive packages, hotels or even your a la carte trip, we are the travel agency with financing..

You can plan your dream family trip, your wedding in the south, your honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort destination or any other trip. The solution is simple. You now have the choice to opt with the Accord D alternative to finance your holiday without interest.

Ask our travel counselors about how to get your travel loan without interest and at no additional cost. The travel counselor will work with you to find the solution that best suits your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.


Financing a trip with Accord D may be easier than you think. Whether you're looking to get together as a family, plan a perfect vacation, or take the opportunity to explore the world. Desjardins Accord D could be the ideal tool for the vacation you want.

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  1. Book your trip earlier and enjoy the best availability or the best price.
  2. Repay your loan sooner than you want at no additional cost while respecting your chosen package of 6 or 12 months.
  3. Work with one of our travel counselors to choose the appropriate travel financing for your needs.
  4. The advantage of being able to defer your payments from your trip over several months without interest.
  5. For a for a few extra dollars a month:
    • Visit new destinations
    • Treat yourself to the comfort of an upgrade on board the plane.
    • Book your destination excursions in advance.
    • Treat yourself to more luxurious comfort and unobstructed sea views with a superior room.
    • Upgrade your cruise cabin and have lunch on your balcony.
Desjardins Accord D: an advantageous solution.

Accord D financing is a financing solution available on your Desjardins credit card as a second credit limit.

  • Interest rate: none, if monthly payments are respected.
  • Terms offered: 6 months or 12 months.
  • Frequency of repayment: each month (depending on the billing period of the Desjardins credit card statement) with possibility of full or partial refund before the due date.
  • Amount of financing according to Accord D Desjardins approval.
  • Second credit limit on your Desjardins credit card. By using it, you do not reduce the credit available for your everyday purchases.
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  • Financing directly at Aqua Terra Travels.
  • 0% interest rate at Aqua Terra Travels.
  • Full or partial refund, at any time, without penalty.
  • The request for funding only takes a few minutes with your travel counselor and you get an answer in minutes.

Flexible refund formulas with Aqua Terra Travels.

  • Pay in equal installments without credit charges.
  • Desjardins is the only financial institution on the market to offer you a simple, fast and flexible financing solution, available directly in the store, which allows you to carry out a multitude of travel projects with Aqua Terra Travels.