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Adventure and getaway

Do you want to live the experience of a lifetime and completely step out of your comfort zone? Go on an adventure! The globe is teeming with thrilling getaway travel destinations, and whether you are backpacking or luxury hotel type, your adventure trip will look the way you make it look. Here is some inspiration:

Central America

If, for you, adventure rhymes with excursion in nature, Costa Rica awaits you. With its many national parks, volcanoes and lush jungle, this country is ideal for a hiking trip. You climb the mountains on steep paths dotted with suspension bridges and zip lines and reach the summits of dormant volcanoes for a breathtaking view. As an added bonus, if you take a detour to one of this country’s beautiful beaches, you might just spot sea turtles laying their eggs.


Iceland, a country with an extreme climate, will please the explorer in you with its countless volcanoes, lava fields, ash deserts, towering glaciers, and sandstorms. In addition, the country’s significant horse breeding makes it a dream travel getaway for horse lovers. Water sports are also popular in Iceland, such as sea kayaking and rafting. Finally, to recover from your emotions after a busy day, relax in one of the very popular hot tubs or traditional hot baths.


A travel adventure in Kenya is an opportunity to discover savannahs populated by big cats, ancestral peoples far removed from the modern world, magnificent beaches, equatorial forests, arid deserts and imposing mountain ranges. A safari in the famous Masai Mara Park with an experienced local guide will allow you to see elephants, rhinos and giraffes up close. As night falls, the roar of the lions will warn you that it is time to return to camp and regain your strength while tasting local dishes prepared for you by a cook.


Where fragrant spices rub shoulders with a rich and varied culture dating back 5,000 years, India has a strong power of attraction through the vastness of its lands and the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes. The famous Taj Mahal is just one of the countless mythical sites in the homeland of Bollywood films. The word "adventure" takes on several definitions in India, whether it is taking on the Himalayas, walking the crowded streets of Mumbai or rubbing shoulders with the millions of sacred cows that populate the country.

Whether your next travel getaway takes you deep into the heart of the equatorial jungle or into a scorching desert, proper preparation will inevitably involve careful planning of your itinerary and the proper medical precautions. What's more, your best allies will undoubtedly be a good old map and a compass for those adventures in distant lands where cell signal is scarce!