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Aqua Terra Travel, a travel agency that innovates and stands out
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A different type of travel agency

Voyages Synergia has a structure and a reason for being whose main objective is to constitute a regroupment of travel agencies which would have an increased purchasing power to buy even more seats and to assemble more and more in-house products.

Aqua Terra Travel is a company specializing in the field of travel and tourism whose main objective is to intervene at all stages of development and logistics, as well as the design and implementation of tourism projects.

The Aqua Terra travel agency is a team of highly qualified travel consultants and over 816 external travel agents who stand out for their dynamism, quality of service and professionalism and who have only one purpose, your complete satisfaction.

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Go on a trip without affecting the environment

Travel is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Aware of this strong negative environmental footprint and to compensate for its effects directly, Voyages Aqua Terra has made a commitment in collaboration with NaureLab to provide you with compensation tools to help and educate our customers about the need to reduce their carbon footprint.