CO2 compensation:footprint calculation tool

Tool for calculating your ecological footprint, including greenhouse gases.

Make a carbon offsetting to reduce your footprint

Aqua Terra Travels presents the very first CO2 offset calculator made available by a travel agency in Quebec. We believe in a greener future and long-term travel. We invite our customers or anyone who wants to make a difference, to offset their ecological footprint via this calculator. Ecological footprint

Aqua Terra Travels is proud to partner with This association will enable our customers to participate in forestry projects (tree plantations) to compensate for their ecological impact produced by the different means of transport used. In fact, transportation by plane, cruise ship or land is one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases in the world and contributes greatly to global warming and climate change on our beautiful planet.

Naturally, carbon is captured by trees and plants. It is therefore important to undertake reforestation projects to help our planet capture and transform the huge amounts of CO2 present in our atmosphere. NatureLab.World, a leader in its field, is implementing several reforestation projects and is helping to offset, on a large scale, the CO2 emissions produced by our society today. CO2 compensation


Aqua Terra Travels is pleased to place at your disposal this tool which allows you to calculate your ecological footprint and which will help you reduce the carbon trace caused by your travels. This carbon credit clearing tool will help you make a difference on your environmental impact.

By compensating your trip with the purchase of carbon credits, you will help Naturelab.word to realize several reforestation projects in Quebec and around the world. Planting a tree or planting trees with you to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will help keep our land healthy.

Each of's projects is verified and accredited by recognized international organizations, such as Gold Standard and Rainforest Alliance, to ensure the quality of our projects and quantify the extent of CO2 compensation. Following this accreditation, receives carbon credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2 offset.