Couple travel : Book at the best price

Romantic trip: meet up and get closer

We almost all experience it: in the long run, the "metro, work, sleep" routine ends up having an impact on our love life. Fatigue, stress and boredom can create arguments and pull you away from your partner. Whether it's for your honeymoon or an annual couple's trip, there is nothing better than planning a romantic vacation: the perfect way to leave all the little stresses of everyday life behind! But what kind of couple's trip to choose? Which destinations will make you rediscover the person with whom you fell in love several months or years ago?

Choose a type of trip

Your outlook on couples' travel may not be the same as your partner's. Take the time to sit down together and share your desires and expectations. There are plenty of possibilities today! You may be more cocooning and relaxing; in this case, the sun destinations, with their beaches and their relaxation cures, are ideal. Conversely, some will seek the thrills of travel: in this case, opt for places where you can practice certain sports, or choose instead to go pack-bag. Peru and Iceland are particularly suitable for this type of getaway. If you are particularly fond of good food, know that there are gastronomic packages all over the world, whether in India, the United States, Europe or Bolivia. Foodie destinations can often be a good compromise for lovers of cultural or historical destinations.

Put your criteria on the table from the start; if for you the presence of children is to be avoided, then look for travel packages for adults. Finally, almost anything is possible and several countries or cities lend themselves perfectly to combinations of various types of trips. Let yourself be guided by your imagination!

Favorite destinations

Some destinations never go out of fashion! This is the case with Europe, for example; Greece, Spain, Italy and France - to name a few countries - are always very romantic places to light (or rekindle) the flame, with their gastronomy, their historic places and their breathtaking landscapes . Who has never dreamed of a kiss in Venice?

For a more festive atmosphere, but just as romantic, we fall for Hawaii, with its fine sandy beaches, its waves ideal for surfing enthusiasts, and its scuba diving escapades. Enough to make you experience a whole range of emotions! Indonesia is not to be outdone by the way: Bali is not just a place for singles parties. It is also paradisiacal beaches, corals, temples ... and elephant rides. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Remember: no matter what destination and type of trip you choose, any couple trips can turn into an incredible experience that you will remember for a long time. It is up to you to make your vacation truly wonderful!