Family travel : Book at the best price

Family travel: ups and downs, but above all compromises

A trip on your own or as a couple is difficult to organize, but when you add the kids to the planning, you are overwhelmed with tasks and ideas to consider. However, do not deprive yourself of family trips: these are great experiences that will undoubtedly one day constitute your fondest memories… and those of your children too. We all remember that moment when our parents took us with them on a camping trip, in the forest or to the other side of the world by plane! But how to prepare for this journey? And how do you choose a destination that will satisfy everyone?


Traveling with one or more children is not a task to be taken lightly. It's best to plan your family trip a few months in advance, so you don't forget anything! Start by defining your goals: do you want to relax? Discover new cultures? Or would you rather explore new places by hiking, biking or skiing? All of these scenarios are possible even if you want to bring your kids, but they will require a little extra planning depending on the age of your traveling companions. So, if your destination requires a flight, be sure to check the duration of the flight; jet lag should also be taken into account in your decision. And then, don't forget your budget! Holidays with children increase the cost of certain activities. So take this into account in your choice of destination and activities.

Once the destination and activities have been chosen, the steps are (almost) the same as for a solo trip: make sure you have all the documents you need and make the necessary reservations (car, adjoining rooms). , plane tickets, passports, international driving license, vaccines, equipment for children or babies, etc.). If your kids have never traveled, now is a good time to tell them how it's going to be!

Some holiday destinations for families

Choosing a family travel destination can sometimes be more difficult than it seems: not everyone necessarily has the same goals! While your youngest wants to have fun and only dreams of Disneyland, your teenager is worried about whether he will be able to bring his computer and is hoping that there will be getaways that will give him thrill ... and all that. what you dream of is a small cocktail by a swimming pool, in the South. Don't panic: it's possible to keep everyone happy and keep lasting memories of your family trip.

If you have young children then maybe it will be worth to focus on short distances. There are loads of destinations in Canada and the United States with campsites, beaches, bike paths and walking trails that will blow your mind. If on the contrary, your teenagers want to go on an adventure, then why not take the plunge and go to exotic destinations like Iceland, Japan, Greece, or even South Africa? It is also possible to combine getaways with relaxation by opting for an all-inclusive family package in the South. Don't limit yourself and dare: Sky is the limit!