Group travel

Group trip

Group travel has many advantages and this way of traveling is gaining more and more popularity. Whether you are a single person looking to travel safely, a friend looking to meet new people, or work colleagues looking to celebrate the success of your business, there is definitely a suitable organized group trip. to your budget and your expectations.

Coach travel

Quebec's geographic location means that it is possible to get away from it all without having to cross the ocean. Affordable and safe, a group coach trip is an option that appeals to those who enjoy frequent stops and guided tours. Whether it's historic sites, museums, or scenic vantage points, the stops are just as exciting as the final destination. While New York City remains a must-see, major Canadian cities like Toronto and Halifax are just as accessible and offer a host of interesting activities along the way to enhance your trip.

Traveling by coach is a comfortable way to see the country, without having to worry about planning the itinerary and stopovers. So you can relax and admire the scenery, while having peace of mind. In addition, several modern coaches are equipped to make your trips pleasant with spacious seats, internet access and high definition screens.

Another advantage is that an organized coach trip strengthens the social aspect of tourism. The proximity of other passengers promotes meetings and exchanges, which attracts travelers in search of new friendships. Discovering new places in good company, what more could you ask for?


Sun destinations

An organized trip to the south is advantageous since the prices are influenced by the number of people in the group. Dates and destinations are fixed, so you will have to submit to this little hassle in exchange for huge savings. By being part of a group, you get a preferential rate on air transport and accommodation, in addition to being able to count on your French-speaking guide for any questions or for the organization of travel. Once at your destination, you get all the benefits of an all-inclusive individual travel package, including freedom and privacy, plus the option of joining people in your party for socializing.

As an all-inclusive package, Mexico is still very popular. The Riviera Maya, where turquoise waters and white sand sublimate the landscape as far as the eye can see, is the ideal place to forget the harsh winter weather and have a good time with friends. The Now Jade Riviera Cancun hotel offers visitors an unparalleled luxury experience, with its Unlimited-Luxury® concept. With a wide choice of gastronomy, your taste buds will be pampered. Daily group and individual activities are offered, including sea kayaking, snorkeling, and windsurfing (for an additional fee), in addition to varied evening entertainment.

In the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is another top destination for beach and tropical lovers. The Now Larimar Punta Cana Resort captivates its visitors with its magnificent private beach and countless water and land activities. This hotel also benefits from an on-site casino should you wish to try your luck at roulette or blackjack.

Global destinations

When you leave our native continent to discover other cultures, it is reassuring to have a French-speaking guide with you who will ensure the smooth running of the trip and who will make sure to share all the necessary information. A group trip abroad is suitable for those who thirst for discovery but want peace of mind. In addition to saving on total costs, an organized trip abroad has the advantage of allowing you to discover tourist attractions in a safe manner.

For a memorable adventure, Tunisia is worthy of mention. The two-week guided tour "The bottom of the desert" takes you to the heart of the sand dunes, where camels rule the day, after a warm encounter with the local tribes. The breathtaking landscape is made up of fine sand, dry salt lakes, canyons and waterfalls; a real immersion in North African culture.

If you are more of the city type, a stay in Italy will probably suit you. The gourmet culture of this country, combined with the richness of its history, attracts thousands of tourists every year. Favorite place for artists and bon vivant, Italy will always charm with the sweetness of life that this nation exudes. Guided tours offered in almost any language to hundreds of iconic places and museums are sure to appeal to budding historians.


If setting sail and escaping to exotic places has been your dream for a long time, why not go with a group? In addition to ensuring you a great price, a group cruise brings together all the advantages of an all-inclusive package, in addition to offering you a landscape that changes from day to day. With predetermined stopovers, a cruise allows you to visit multiple destinations at once. On board, activities and entertainment are included, leaving you with the difficult task of making a choice! The attentive crew also takes care to satisfy all your desires in order to make your trip truly exceptional. Cruise companies are just as numerous as the destinations, not to mention the different packages available to you. A group cruise is a perfect travel option for families or groups of friends who want a unique experience together.

Caribbean cruise

It's impossible to talk about a cruise without thinking of the wonderful Caribbean. This grouping of paradisiacal islands is perfect for this type of trip. Clear waters, giant coconut palms, endless white sand and of course, the warm rays of the sun: that's what awaits you. Depending on the package you choose, you'll have the chance to see the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Cozumel, St. Martin, St. Lucia, and Montego Bay, to name just a few of the stopovers.

Cruise in Europe

Across the Atlantic in Europe, there are also a multitude of cruise destinations. Each region is different, and each has unique characteristics that make your trip captivating.

A cruise on the Mediterranean will undoubtedly take you to the magnificent beaches of Corsica, such as that of Barcaggio and that of the island of Giraglia. This country has risen to the top of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world, thanks to the splendor of its landscapes shaped by canyons, plains, limestone cliffs, etc. Nearby Greece, with its colorful villages like Santorini, will very possibly be on the itinerary, as will Sicily, Italy or Turkey, with its spectacularly designed mosques and crystal-clear beaches.

For a more cultural group vacation, you may choose to take a Northern Europe cruise. There are countries on the Old Continent whose history goes back thousands of years, including Germany, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium, to name a few. This type of cruise is the perfect option for schools or families looking to make a field trip the trip of a lifetime.

Cruise in the Indian Ocean

Notable are the Seychelles, a simply heavenly cruise destination. The 115 islands of this archipelago bathing in the Indian Ocean are a real gem of nature. Giant tortoises have found refuge there, in addition to tropical birds nesting in the lush vegetation. The inhabitants, although few in number, are very friendly and, during your stopover, you will happily cook their typical dishes made with fresh fish.

Corporate travel

The criteria for corporate travel differ from company to company. Planning trips for 5, 10, 20 or 200 people requires good preparation and expertise in the field. Your travel advisor will be able to guide you in your choices so that your trip is pleasant and economical. All the important aspects will be taken care of for you and thus allow you to concentrate only on the purpose of your trip. It doesn't matter whether you are going to London, Tokyo or Montreal, your business trip will take the shape you want.


Special rates apply to business groups traveling together and, depending on the class of service selected, you may have access to a private lounge upon arrival at the airport to enable you to do a final group briefing before your flight , in addition to benefiting from an easier passage through check-in and pre-boarding security checks.


The reservation of a contingent of rooms can be done so that all the members of your group are on the same floor in order to facilitate gatherings and communication, or, conversely, distribute the rooms by leaving privacy for everyone. Every effort will be made to meet your needs. In addition, the choice of hotel will depend on the location and the services offered.

Conference rooms, congresses, special events

Your travel advisor can help you plan your events, regardless of the size, by booking meeting rooms and communicating your requirements to the venue. Based on your recommendations, all the factors of success will be considered, namely catering, entertainment, decor, multimedia facilities, etc.

Rewards and Incentives

If you are thinking of expressing your appreciation to your employees for their excellent performance in an original way, a group vacation will surely be greatly appreciated. Whether it's an all-inclusive trip to the south or a golf weekend, the same care should be taken in planning and managing reservations.

Sports teams

Is your next tournament taking place outside your city, or even outside the country? Your travel advisor will make sure your travel and accommodation runs smoothly so that you can focus your energy on securing that coveted trophy.

Thematic trip

Organizing a group vacation is a great way to celebrate a special event, or just to spice up everyday life.


Weddings in the south are growing in popularity, but require excellent planning to ensure that the most important day of your life goes exactly according to your criteria. The choice of destination and package is made according to your budget, your personality and the number of guests who will accompany you on your happy celebration. The legal aspect should not be overlooked and that is why an experienced travel agent will be happy to advise you.

Bachelor parties / bachelor parties

Like the wedding itself, this rite of passage can take different forms and many people choose to go on vacation to experience this unique moment. Las Vegas immediately comes first, but original party destinations such as Lisbon, Tel Aviv and Barcelona are also popular.

Sports trip

Whether you are skiers, golfers or surfers, organizing a trip abroad with a group of friends is a pleasant way to strengthen the bonds that unite you. No matter which continent your passion takes you to, there is a travel package that will allow you to practice your favorite sport in the most beautiful places in the world.

Traveling in a group is an important project that can be planned well in advance. Whether it is a group of foreigners taking part in an organized tour or a group formed by members of your family, with the right supervision, your vacation will be a great success and you will return home with great care. wonderful memories that will accompany you for the rest of your life.