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Spa and relaxation trip

A well deserved break

Modern life being what it is, sometimes we find ourselves at the end of our rope, exhausted, wondering what to do to refuel. When the idea of ​​taking time for yourself and being pampered becomes a necessity, a spa and relaxation trip is so enticing. And with good reason! Here are some inspiring destinations ...


Exoticism, warmth, luxury ... In Aleenta Hua Hin, a traditional and upscale seaside resort located southwest of Bangkok, well-being is at the heart of all activities. Popular with tourists and the Thai elite alike, the Ayurah spa allows you to connect with nature through the 4 main sources of energy: earth, water, sun and moon. Come experience Thailand with a scrub, a classic Thai massage following the lunar cycle, body treatments with natural products, facials or a bath with scented oils.


Deep in the mountain forests of Napa Valley lies the Calistoga Ranch, using local mineral waters as an energizing base for the organic treatments offered. The accommodation, luxurious and exquisitely rustic, will make all your tensions and stress disappear as if by magic. For the total experience, it is advisable to participate in the wine tastings, hike the hiking trails and try one of the yoga sessions.


Just to hear this word, we are already relaxing! If the warm sands are all about relaxation, head to Wellness Spa Bahamas, Nassau, for traditional invigorating treatments and an enveloping massage. In addition to a breathtaking view of the endless turquoise ocean, the sweet aroma of tropical flowers will transport you to a heavenly dream.