Travel by train : Book at the best price

Train journey

A train trip is an exceptional way to see the country. Romantic and peaceful, this way of traveling allows you to relax while discovering superb spaces that are often inaccessible by car or plane.

Train travel in Canada

An immense playground, host to fabulous fauna and resplendent flora, Canada deserves nothing less than a must. The best way to see the vast expanse of our majestic country is to board the Canadian, the ViaRail trans-Canada route connecting Toronto and Vancouver. You will then be at the forefront of the changing landscape, from picturesque villages to the Rockies, passing through the famous prairies.

On the other hand, it is possible to travel to the east coast of Canada and take a deep breath of sea air in Halifax from Montreal. There are many stopovers and the activities offered along the way are worth the detour. Overnight stays are at different hotels and thus, this train journey not only allows you to get to your destination easily, but offers you complete relaxation.

Train travel in the United States

Lovers of mountainous landscapes will be amazed when they board the White Pass & Yukon Route. Connecting Alaska to the Yukon, this train journey offers breathtaking views of northern cliffs, gorges, glaciers and mountains, in addition to telling the story of the historic construction of this railway that has stood up to the rigors. of nature for over 100 years.

Train travel in Europe

Known for its well-developed rail network, discovering Europe by train is not only exciting, but also allows you to soak up the local culture in a different way. As the countries of the East are close together, you can easily get to Russia from France, via Switzerland and Germany.