Travel between guys : Book at the best price

Trip between guys

When routine takes over and you've had enough of the "metro, work, sleep", why not organize a trip with friends that you haven't seen in a long time? To have a good time and to get away from the stresses of everyday life, a trip with guys can take many forms. Whether for a weekend or for two weeks, there are many possibilities when it comes to choosing a destination and activities.

Sports trip

If you and your friends share the same passion for sport, a trip organized around a sporting event is sure to please you. In Daytona, Florida, the Daytona 500 takes place every year in February. A rendezvous for lovers of speed, noise and electrifying atmosphere, this prestigious NASCAR race is a must-see for guys who like to take in the crowds. Alone, the famous Tailgate, this improvised party by fans taking place in the parking lot before, during and after the race, will make you forget your boss!

Another great option for a guys trip is going to a game of one of your favorite sports teams. Whether it's football, hockey or baseball, sipping a cold beer while cheering on your players is one of the best ways to keep you together. New York is famous for its great sports teams. As well as being easy to get to, it's easy to find a host of bars and restaurants to celebrate your team's victory. The Taproom no. 307 and Twist & Smash'd are two very popular sports bars where the beer is as delicious as the food served.

For those who prefer to be in the thick of the action, activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing or surfing can be great starting points for planning a guy's vacation.

Travel to party

A cliché maybe, but still put on your list, a trip to Las Vegas will always be the number one destination for a successful guy trip. The countless casinos, luxurious accommodations and opulence of facilities are the hub of the party. Nicknamed "the city that never sleeps" for good reasons, be ready to be wowed, day or night!

Europe is a popular destination for those looking for a combination of a frenzied nightlife and relaxation on the beach. If you love to dance until the sun rises to catchy electronic tunes, Ibiza, an island in Spain, is for you, as is Tel Aviv, Israel.

Finally, you can't talk about a guy's trip without talking about Amsterdam, the Netherlands, well known for its coffee shops and Red Light. This city also attracts tourists for its history and unique architecture. In that sense, why not make a visit to Amsterdam a stopover on a train journey through Europe?