Travel to Roatan : At the best price guaranteed

Travel to Roatan 

Roatan is probably the most beautiful region you will have the opportunity to explore in Honduras. In fact, if you are planning a trip to this Central American island paradise, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, you can expect to return home with a head full of unforgettable memories.

A Diver's Paradise 

60 kilometres long and about 8 kilometres wide, this island is the most developed in the country. It is especially popular for its beautiful beaches and its breathtaking coral reef. After that of Australia, the Roatan coral reef (as a constituent part of the Mesoamerican Reef) is the largest in the world. 

More than 92 Diving Spots 

Each year, millions of diving enthusiasts (snorkelling and scuba diving) come to Roatan to enjoy crystal waters and admire a wide variety of species swimming amid rich colours.

And for good reason: Roatan is a paradise for divers. While Roatan is rightly appreciated for the beauty of its coastline, its great restaurants, lush vegetation, picturesque landscapes, and warm tropical climate, people come to the island for the diving. 

Calvin's Crack and La Punta 

In total, there are more than 92 dive sites on the island, including caves and canyons. One of the most spectacular is undoubtedly Calvin's Crack, located near Oak Ridge. There, you will discover a multitude of unusual species, such as puffer fish and green moray eels, to name just a couple. 

Those wanting to see sharks go to La Punta, near West End, where they swim among dozens of members of different shark species, which, fortunately, are not aggressive towards tourists because they have ample food to satisfy their needs. For adventurers only!

Each hotel has a dive centre to offer tourists the chance of an adventure in the clear waters each as colourful as the other. Various packages are available to suit all needs. You can choose a vacation that includes both accommodation and diving. On the other hand, you can make an all-inclusive hotel reservation and make your diving arrangements after your arrival. 

Beaches and Night Life 

As for the beaches, there are many to appeal to those looking for a little relaxation. Among the most notable are Half Moon Bay, West Bay Beach, and West End, all prized for their beautiful crystal clear waters and popularity.

West End will not leave you night owls wanting. There are many bars, restaurants, and trendy places that will encourage you to party until the wee hours of the morning. 

A Range of Accommodations 

As for accommodation, Roatan has seen the construction of many all-inclusive establishments in recent years as the destination has been developed for tourism. 

There are many establishments catering to each budget, particularly in the West Bay area, the starting point for exploring the famous West End neighbourhood. Happy travels to Roatan!