Travel to Argentina

Going on a trip to Argentina, the country of soccer and South American culture, is to choose a sure-fire vacation success! Drop your bags in the capital Buenos Aires and become a part of the pulse of this magical city, the economic heart of the continent. Situated between history and modernity, dive into a world that happily mixes Latin American rhythms and European customs. Go for a night out to meet Argentinians, fervent soccer fans who are crazy about dance, an outing that will surely wind up on the floating casino of the Rio de la Plata!

A trip to Argentina is also the perfect opportunity to discover the continent, from Brazil to the National Park of Tierra del Fuego – from Ushuaia Bay to Seal Island and Bird Island. Surprise yourself by exploring the archaeological traces of the pre-Columbian era and taste the great local wines. From the Atlantic coastline to Iguaçu Falls, through the Andes and Patagonia, inexpensive Argentinian travel is an ideal and original concept.

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