Travel to Buenos Aires

Travel Buenos Aires

With over three million inhabitants – to which we can add another ten million who live in its suburbs – the Argentine capital is one of South America's most imposing metropolises. Buenos Aires is full of attractions to make your trip memorable. Historically, it was populated by successive waves of European settlers, mainly from Italy and Spain. This heritage has always been evident and is particularly present in the rhythm of nightlife. Dot not hesitate therefore to get yourself a ticket on a cheap flight and rent an apartment in Buenos Aires, sometimes called La Reina del Plata, since it is the largest city in the Rio de la Plata estuary.

A trip to Buenos Aires offers you the opportunity to savour an excellent and varied gastronomy by visiting many restaurants and bars in the city. Test your dance skills in tanguerías and milangas while discovering the Argentinean theatre. Your itinerary: museums, concerts, the floating casino on the Plata, galleries, exhibitions, etc. Stroll through the neighbourhood of La Boca – well known to football fans for its Boca Junior Club – which marries old Neapolitan neighbourhoods with the wide avenues of Madrid. 

In terms of climate, take advantage of a short, mild winter and a hot, humid summer. If you opt for an apartment, note that the humidity level is 100%! It is recommended that you purchase a plane ticket on one of the cheap flights offered in autumn and spring.

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