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Travel to Asia 

A trip to Asia is the dream of many people. And no wonder! The world's largest and most populous continent has so many beautiful countries and places to spend your next vacation that you need to make some hard choices if you cannot visit them all. Here are some of the most beautiful countries to visit during your next voyage to Asia. 


The most populous country in the world, China is your vacation destination if you like exotic and cultural trips, as it is full of gardens, parks, temples, and spectacular monuments to visit. 

The Great Wall of China is just one example among many others. About 6,700 kilometres long, the entirety of the military fortifications, built and rebuilt many times over the course of history, overlooks lush hillside landscapes of dazzling beauty. 

The Forbidden City of Beijing, the Beijing Zoo – where you can see giant pandas, African giraffes, giant sea turtles, and many other rare animals – the Temple of Heaven, the Lama Temple, and the National Museum of China are only a few of the many sites awaiting you. 

Shanghai and Tibet 

One also travels to China to visit Shanghai, the largest city in China, and to shop along the longest commercial street of the city, the pedestrian street of Nanjing, or, in Tibet, to see some the most beautiful scenery in the world. 

As you might imagine, China is such a big country that it takes several trips to discover it. Depending on the kind of trip you want to experience, you can begin by targeting the regions you most want to visit to ensure that your trip to China meets your expectations. 


One of the top tourist destinations in the world, Thailand is the stuff of dreams with its long stretches of white sandy beaches and its famous rocks rising up from the sea. 

Besides the turquoise beaches, one goes to Thailand to taste its famous spicy cuisine, to visit and get lost among the crowds on the streets of Bangkok, the capital, and to celebrate all night long during the famous Full Moon Party, which is held each month during the full moon. 

Some Must-Sees 

Thailand is also known for its vibrant nightlife, as there are dozens of places to party in each region you might visit, whether Phuket, Bangkok, or Ko Phi Phi. A must! 

People also go to Thailand for diving, since the country has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. The island of Ko Thao is particularly known for its incredibly rich underwater sea life. 

Burma and Its Golden Dome 

Also known as Myanmar, Burma is a country located in South Asia, on the edge of the Indian Ocean, recognized, among other things, for its rich exotic wildlife, breathtaking crystal beaches, and the spectacular architecture of its monuments. 

This is the perfect place to go if you want to ride on the back of an elephant or gaze upon a breathtaking sunset. Indeed, one of the most famous religious monuments in the world, the Shwedagon Pagoda is an absolutely dazzling spectacle when the sun sets on its gilded  dome, which rises 98 metres above the ground. 

This is one of the most picturesque monuments of the country, if not the whole of Asia, which means that you should not let the chance pass you by to see it while travelling in Asia! 

The Contrasts of India 

Those who love spicy food with a variety of flavours will want to visit India to enjoy its gastronomy and fall in love with its array of succulent dishes. Curry lovers will be in their element, as this mixture of spices permeates various dishes and is even considered the culinary symbol of the nation. 

One also goes to India to visit temples, historic monuments, museums, and to admire some of the most impressive skyscrapers in the world. 


In Mumbai, the city with the most prolific film industry in the world, the contrast between rich districts and slums is striking and must be seen. It contains as many fancy restaurants as run-down shops, ugly and poor neighbourhoods as well ultra-modern and attractive suburbs, all in a tropical forest setting in the very town centre! 

Meanwhile, the Goa region will appeal to lovers of beaches with white sand and crystal waters. If you are lucky you may even spot a turtle laying her eggs on one of the quiet beaches in the south of the city. 

The Philippines 

Another area worth visiting during a trip to Asia: the country of the Philippines is the best place to go if you want to feel alone in the world, lost on a desert island. 

With some 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a paradise of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Among the spots to see is Boracay Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer. The Bacuit archipelago, with its limestone cliffs and lagoons of breathtaking beauty, will also leave you dumbfounded. 

A Colourful Cultural Destination 

The country also abounds in cultural events while all kinds of festivals and celebrations are held throughout the year on the countless islands of the Philippines, such as the Kalibo Carnival, part of the Ati-Atihan festival that is held every January and is considered the key cultural event in the country.