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Travel Brussels 

What would Belgium be without the remarkable city of Brussels? Indeed, this European city so rich in history is not Belgium's capital for nothing. In it, we find it absolutely everything to make your trip to this flat country unforgettable. 

Whether you're looking for Belgian gourmet restaurants, pubs, bars, museums, or fashionable shops, you'll get your money's worthfrom a trip to Brussels. Better still, Brussels is as perfect for a romantic trip as for an excursionamong friends or a holiday with the kids! 

A Few Must-sees 

If you go to Brussels, you must stop for a coffee, a Belgian waffle (a local specialty), or a local beer at Grand-Place. Brussel's main square, Grand Place is famous for its spectacular Gothic architecture (such as its city hall), its streets teeming with fashionable shops and restaurants, and its festive and lively atmosphere both day and night. 

Mini-Europe Park 

The city of Brussels will also amaze you with its park called Mini-Europe, which has 350 miniature replicas of monuments that have marked the history of Europe, such as Big Ben and the Berlin Wall. 

The Atomium 

This monument, considered the symbol of the city of Brussels, will amaze you with its impressive architecture in the form of an atom, by its permanent exhibition tracing the history of the 1958 World Expo pavilion, as well as the spectacular panoramic view of the city and its wonders that it offers from a height of 140 metres.

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