Travel to Brazil

Travel Brazil

Who has not dreamed of visiting Brazil? The largest country in South America has absolutely all the attractions to make the dreams of tourists the world over come true: heavenly beaches that go on forever, unique landscapes everywhere, rich culture and history, diverse flora and fauna, world famous festivals, lively cultural life, restaurants, trendy shops and nightclubs galore, thrilling excursions into the largest forest in the world; the country will unquestionably give you your money's worth if you chose it for your next vacation 

Here is some practical information as well as some must-see sites during your next stay in the country of the future … and the present. 

Geography and Climate 

Bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and west, north, and south by various countries, such as Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela, Brazil occupies an area of more than 8 million square kilometres and covers half the territory of South America. In other words, Brazil is enormous! In fact, Brazilian territory is so vast that it is sometimes difficult to narrow down the country's climate. 

If, in general, the country has a tropical climate, there are also, across its territory, regions that enjoy equatorial, subtropical, semi-arid, and temperate climates. 

With climate disparities among regions, it is impossible to predict with certainty the best time to visit the country as a whole; however, if we take the region of Rio de Janeiro, the former capital and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil, we can say that – if you like hot weather – the ideal time to visit is during the summer, between the months of June and September, when it is at its warmest. 

Winter brings mild temperatures pretty much across the country. If you hate big crowds, avoid visiting Brazil between December and February, this being the busiest period of the year, and partly because of the Rio Carnival, which takes place each year during the four days preceding Ash Wednesday in February. 

Rio Carnival 

The Rio Carnival is one of Brazil's not-to-be-missed events, with some 500 street parties that take place throughout the former capital of Brazil. One of the most popular festivals in the country, it is a tradition that has lasted for over 450 years and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists, mostly Brazilians from around the country who attend the festivities. If you are staying in Rio de Janeiro during those dates, it will be hard to miss the carnival and to not take part! 

Bustling Rio de Janeiro 

The former capital of Brazil has its share of attractions you won't want to miss if you are planning a trip to the city. Sugarloaf Mountain is a good example. Rising to 396 metres above sea level, this peak located within Rio offers a stunning view of the Bay of Rio and its surroundings. You can climb up or take advantage of the cable cars. 

Christ the Redeemer and the Cultural Landscape of Rio 

Another Rio attraction to see at all costs, the statue of Christ the Redeemer rises from the summit of Mount Corcovado and is observable from Sugarloaf Mountain. This is often a trademark of Brazil and appears in many tourist photographs. 

Other attractions of the cultural landscape of Rio that must not be missed and that are named – along with this statue – as UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the Tijuca National Park and Copacabana, one of the most beautiful areas of in the world. Among sea, mountains, and palm trees, absolutely everything about the Rio landscape will leave a lasting memory of your trip to Brazil. 

Symmetric Brasilia 

In Brazil, there are several other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the symmetrical capital city of Brasilia. Created by renowned architects, Brasilia is an architectural masterpiece in which every detail has been carefully thought out to show the world the splendour of modern urbanism. A city to discover. 

Iguazu Falls 

Dominating the border of Brazil and Argentina, these falls are listed by UNESCO World Heritage as a natural wonder. Composed of no less than 275 waterfalls spilling six million litres of drinking water per second, these falls form a majestic whole and provide shelter to several endangered animal species. 

A Walk in the Amazon Jungle 

You couldn't talk about Brazil without mentioning the famous Amazonian jungle, a rain forest that covers several countries in South America, including Brazil. If you go to Brazil, you absolutely must include a tour of the largest forest in the world, known as the green lungs of the planet. 

You will have the opportunity to see a variety of rare species, such as tigers, monkeys, jaguars, armadillos, sloths, tapirs, poisonous snakes, tarantulas (yes!), and many others. 

Salvador de Bahia 

Several other sites of breathtaking beauty are, by themselves, worth a trip to Brazil. This is the case of the city of Salvador de Bahia, famous for its pretty, colourful houses, its historic centre full of architectural gems, and its beautiful beaches attracting a large number of tourists every year. 

Located on the southern peninsula of the country, this mixed city – a historical meeting place of many cultures, was once the capital of Brazil. Needless to say, it is home to an incomparably rich history. 

The Costa Verde 

There are so many other sights and attractions that deserve your attention in Brazil that it would be impossible to name them all in this article. Costa Verde, one of the most beautiful coasts of Brazil, 200 km of beaches surrounded by forests, is just one example among many of the wonders that await you if you plan a trip to Brazil. Enjoy!