Travel in Burma : At the best price guaranteed

Travel to Burma 

Bordering the Indian Ocean in Southeast Asia, Burma is the ideal holiday destination to to get away from it all and enjoy great beaches in a beautiful setting. Indeed, this country, also known as Myanmar, has everything you could wish for to ensure an unforgettable journey to a remote location. 

Famous Monuments 

In fact, the country is full of seaside resorts and picturesque places ideal for those who love relaxation, culture, and history. Among the most famous monuments to visit and photograph while travelling in Burma, you will want to see the ancient city of Bagan, comprised of more than 2,000 monuments of spectacular architecture and colours. 

Close to the Burmese jungle, Yangon, perched in a delta near the ocean, holds the promise of unforgettable moments during your trip to Burma, especially when you visit the famous and spectacular Buddhist shrine, the Shwedagon Pagoda. 

There, you will witness breathtaking sunsets. 

A Jungle Safari 

Burma is also the country of elephants and exotic animals, which means that if you go there, you must at all costs go on a Burmese jungle safari, which contains the greatest biodiversity of all of Asia. 

It includes a number of endangered species, such as the Elddeer, the elephant, and the tiger. If you have always dreamed of riding on the back of an elephant, Burma is the place to do it!