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Do you want to know a magnificent and economically stable city with a magnificent history? Manchester is the exact place for this. Manchester is a city that is located in the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester. It is considered the second city of England and that with its cultural, economic but also sporting importance. Being also a popular city, Manchester is known for its geographical location as it borders on the North and East by the Pennines.

The economic wealth of the city

When we talk about tourism and sightseeing, we have to do it in a country where the economy is in good shape. For Manchester, you will have the privilege of living in a city that is one of the richest in Europe. Historically, Manchester is among the first industrialized cities in the world. It is also the second most influential city in the UK behind London which is the capital. It is a crossroads in the country where several companies have already established their headquarters to better benefit from this magnificent economic climate. So, if you want to visit quality infrastructure while blending the past, present and future, Manchester is the place to be.

It’s also a city of sports

If today the city is very famous in the world it is thanks to its two sports clubs known all over the world which are Manchester United and Manchester City. Indeed, these two football clubs make the city a real attraction on all levels. During national and European competitions, the city is sometimes the crossroads and the destination for lovers of the round ball. Both clubs have legendary stadiums, especially Old Traford which is among the most famous stadiums in the world with its extraordinary history and track record.

Apart from football, there are other great facilities on different disciplines like cycling, lacrosse, among others. Moreover, international meetings are organized there.

Manchester highlights

There are several wonderful places to visit in the city of Manchester. Known for its global attraction to tourists from all over the world, the city will simply be a paradise for those who want to learn more about the country's history.

The Museum of Science and Industry

If you want to visit Manchester and learn about its history, this is the place to be. Indeed, the MOSI is a museum allowing to know the industrial history of England with historical machines as main attraction. In addition, access is free.


It is a neighborhood that embraces the history and the roots of the city. Indeed, it houses the ancient Roman fort of Mamucium which gave its name to the city of Manchester. It is a place of relaxation but also of comfort with Victorian-style houses. It is also a city that hosts classical and rock music concerts.

Manchester Town Hall

It is a building that is located in the center of the city with Gothic style that recalls the history of the country.

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