Travel in Finland

Travel Finland

There is nothing like a trip to Finland in Northern Europe to allow you to breathe fresh air and relax in lush, verdant, plentiful nature. Countless lakes, green forests, as well as thousands of islands in the Baltic Sea or nestled in rivers or lakes, Finland is a Nordic travel destination that stands out for its magnificent landscapes, both in summer and winter, and its clean, fresh air.

Finland, which changes depending on whether you visit during the cold or the warm season, is also world-renowned for the warmth and hospitality of its people. There is no doubt that you will be warmly welcomed if you decide to opt for Finland for your next vacation!

What To Do in Finland 

Among the things to not miss in this Land of a Thousand Lakes is Helsinki, the capital, which is worth visiting for its monuments and its architecture – both old and modern, Western and Eastern.

Nicknamed the White City of the North, Helsinki is the perfect place to practice maritime activities, picnic in a green park, have a beer in a typical Finnish bar, or to enjoy traditional Finnish dishes.

You will also be charmed by a visit to the Kvarken Archipelago, which includes a marine area of 80,000 hectares, lakes, bays, and hills, or a tour of the port of Rauma, a pretty UNESCO World Heritage Site, whose city is built around a Franciscan monastery.