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Trip to Milan

When we talk about Italy we necessarily think of its gastronomy but also of its magnificent cities which combine cultural and historical richness and tourist attraction. Milan is one of its cities that are favorite destinations for Europeans. Milan is the capital of Lombardy but also a major economic hub for Italy and Europe. Historically, the city has a very rich history on several levels. Culturally, the city of Milan is very famous especially with painting but also cinema and theater.

Milan's cultural richness

Did you know that it was in Milan that the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci painted his famous mural The Last Supper? That’s not all, other famous painters also made their famous works here. Musically in particular, classical music, artists like Mozart have created operas in Milan. The theater is also one of the cultural specificities of the city of Milan. The cinema also marked its presence in the city with several films which were shot in this beautiful city such as Rocco and his brothers among others.

History of the city

Milan was an important city of the Insubrious Celts. Over the years, Milan became Roman, but major infrastructure was built in the city during the city's medieval history. After that, it was the turn of Italian political unification that fostered the city's commercial domination over the rest of northern Italy. In 1801, Milan opened the second stock exchange in Europe. Its economic history is also marked by the auto industry with car manufacturing companies.

Milan and sport

The main sport of the city of Milan is football with its two big clubs which are AC Milan and Inter Milan. These two represent part of the notoriety of the city by being a reference in the matter but also with a legendary history. AC Milan alone has seven European Cups (Champions League). If you are a football fan and want to visit a city that is a legend in the matter, Milan is one of the ideal cities.

The essentials of Milan

The city of Milan is a great tourist attraction in Europe and the world. It has several places that you can discover and visit while learning about the history of the country and the city.

Milan dome square

This place is the heart of Milan’s history but also one of the most emblematic places in Italy. It is in this building that the greatest monuments of Italy and the city can be found. You can discover the Duomo of Milan which is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe.

La Scala in Milan

It is a building that hosts the city's opera house. These are three opera houses which are the most prestigious and important in the country. It is a special place for your parties.

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