Travel to Naples

Trip to Naples

Naples is a large city in Italy. It is the capital of the Campania region, but also the third largest city in Italy in terms of population and 18th in the European Union. The city is of particular importance for Europe as it is the second largest Mediterranean city in Europe after Barcelona. Economically, the city of Naples is of particular importance in the economy of Italy, but also historically, it has a history that is very decisive in that of the country. So, with all these qualities, tourists come every year to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world. Do you want to have an excellent stay rich in discovery? Naples is the ideal city.

The rich history of Naples

The city of Naples was created in the 8th century BC. The first settlement in the city of Naples was called Palaiopolis which means the ancient city. And a second establishment was also founded and called Néaplis which means the new city. The city resisted the Lombard invasion and that at the end of the Roman Empire and will then be attached to the Byzantine Empire. And during the Norman period, the city of Naples was also attached to the kingdom of Sicily.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the city and its kingdom were transferred to Austria. And during World War II, the local population rose up in the face of the Nazi occupation and won over the Nazi army during the four days in Naples. Thus, after the war, the city asserted itself on several levels, especially politically and economically.

Climate of the city of Naples

The climate is very favorable for visits and tourism especially during the summers. In fact, the city of Naples enjoys a Mediterranean climate which is characterized by hot dry summers but also mild and river winters. Winters in Naples are always refreshed by the sea breeze. The city enjoys the benefit of the sun, which shines on average 250 days a year. To sum up, the city of Naples has a real climatic advantage that can satisfy you for a great stay.

Les incontournables de la ville de Naples  

Dans une ville qui bouge comme Naples, il est important de savoir où aller, quel lieu visiter. À Naples, les choix sont multiples et chacun d’eux pourra vous satisfaire.

La Galleria Umberto

Cette galerie est l’une des plus importantes attractions touristiques de la ville de Naples. C’est un immense centre commercial qui est connu pour ses boutiques et ses restaurants mais aussi c’est un endroit qui permet de contempler l’architecture style Renaissance.

Castel Nuovo

C’est un château qui a une portée historique importante pour la ville mais sur le plan esthétique aussi, il a une véritable célébrité. Le château est appelé castel Nuovo pour faire une distinction avec la plus ancienne résidence royale qui est Castel dell’Ovo. Visiter ce château vous permettra de découvrir des peintures et des sculptures magnifiques mais aussi des équipements de gladiateurs

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