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A North African country, Morocco has more than one surprise up its sleeve. Indeed, this remote area, covered by amazing mountainous and desert areas, harbours wonders you will find nowhere else in the world.

Northern, southern, eastern, and western Morocco each offer travellers something special to discover so that they spend the best holiday possible in Morocco. Here's a taste of what awaits you if you are planning a trip to Morocco.

Desert, Camels, and Sunsets 

One of the first images that comes to mind when we think of the words “Travel Morocco” is undoubtedly a camel ride in the desert; and for a good reason, since it is one of the most popular activities that Morocco has to offer.

As the southern part of the country falls within the Sahara Desert, this part of Moroccan territory is blessed with wonderful desert scenery and offers the most beautiful camel rides to all visitors who choose to include a trip to the Moroccan desert plains. On the program: exploring the Draa Valley, a gigantic oasis broken by a long ribbon of palm trees; walking in the dunes of Erg Chegaga, a long lush river oasis (of great beauty!); camping in the desert in a bivouac (a rudimentary Berber tent, which serves as a shelter for nomadic peoples); tasting Moroccan cuisine at dusk, and much more. 

Whatever style of excursion you choose for your Moroccan camel ride, you will be sure to get your money's worth, because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Merzouga, Paradise among the Dunes

If you are wise enough to book a Moroccan holiday, make sure to include a camel ride in Merzouga, the paradise of sand dunes. A Saharan village located in the south, Merzouga, which boasts the highest sand dunes in the nation, is a popular destination for tourists, who come to experience trekking on the back of a camel and sleeping in a bivouac in the desert.

By getting there just before sunset to spend the night, you can witness one of the most beautiful sights that you will ever see. Same thing for the sunrise, which will leave you with a lasting memory of your trip to Morocco.


It would be unthinkable to plan a trip to Morocco without exploring Casablanca, the old colonial city built near the sea. People go there mainly to admire its architectural, cultural, and religious patrimony.

Many eighteenth-century buildings can be found there, especially on the promenade of Casablanca. The famous Hassan II Mosque, the most important monument of the city, is also a must-see. Built partly on the sea, it is the fourth largest mosque in the world. People go there primarily to pray, but also to read and study, since it includes a library and a school. 

Rabat, the Capital 

Just north of Casablanca, you must visit Rabat, the capital, to see the Royal Palace, which is the official residence and office of the King of Morocco, where more than 2,000 people work. The architecture of the monument is spectacular to see, as is the case with the Royal Mosque, which is part of the architectural ensemble.

If you visit the country's capital to learn about Moroccan culture, you can also take advantage of your stay in Rabat to swim in its beaches and enjoy a spectacular view of the city. The seaside resorts of Temara and Skirat in the south, are among the best.

Surfing in Morocco

Morocco is also renowned as an important surfing destination since this area has some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa as well as great places to surf. If you like surfing, you will love your trip to Morocco.

In the north of the country, particularly in Agadir, a very popular tourist resort, you will find some of the best waves! 

Next to a 10 kilometre-long beach, Agadir is particularly conducive to surfing, since the depressions that occur in the Atlantic Ocean result in waves that can sometimes reach 4 metres in height. Surfers, get your boards out!

Agadir, a Vacationers' Paradise

The largest seaside resort in Morocco, Agadir is a haven for tourists, thanks to its long avenues lined with palm trees and its endless, white sandy beaches that are the backdrop for the ideal Moroccan holiday.

Benefiting from an ideal climate that sees it basking in the sun almost all the time (more than 300 days of sunshine per year), Agadir is full of small restaurants, cafes, and places to party. If you go to Agadir, do not forget to visit the harbour and the ruins of the Casbah, which offer a phenomenal panoramic view of the city. 

Other Beautiful Beaches in Morocco 

Besides Agadir, Morocco has many beaches, some of which are among the most spectacular in the world. This is the case with the stunning beach of Lagzira, about 10 kilometres from Sidi Ifini, which will astound you with its natural arches that the tides have carved into the cliffs. Along the Atlantic coast, it is one of the most beautiful resorts that you will see in your life.

Morocco is unique in that it is bordered by both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Consequently, it has a diverse range of beaches. Along the  Mediterranean coast, the majestic Rif mountains conceal kilometres of dreamlike beaches, from Tamuda Bay to Saidia, that will amaze you. So take full advantage of the chance and don't miss this amazing spectacle!

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