Travel to Netherlands

Travel The Netherlands

Wondering where to go for your next vacation? How about the Netherlands? With all its wonders, this Northern European destination, bordering the North Sea, can offer you the most beautiful and intense travel memories of your life.

Not convinced yet? We bet that if you visit Amsterdam, the capital, you will return transformed by your trip to Holland. Here is a brief overview of the main attractions of this destination with a thousand faces.

Amsterdam and Its Red Light District

There are many good (as well as naughty!) reasons to make Holland your next travel destination, starting with admiring its historical monuments of exceptional architecture, including those of Amsterdam, a city rich in culture and history, infamous for its red light district, where one can visit museums dedicated to hashish, sex, and eroticism (also in this area, you can see prostitutes in the windows of their enterprises wooing customers by displaying their availability and prices!), have a drink or coffee on a pretty terrace, stroll through the cobbled streets lined with attractive houses, smoke marijuana in a cannabis coffee chop, and admire endless fields of tulips (especially in spring, the show is wonderful!), to name only a few attractions. As for the rest, they'll be up to you to discover during your trip to Holland!