Travel in Scotland

Travel Scotland

One of the four nations constituting the UK, Scotland is an impressive northern European land bordered by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with six archipelagos.

Land of myths, legends, folklore, and picturesque scenery, Scotland is an exotic region that guarantees travel and memories as unforgettable as they are colourful. Here is some pertinent information worth knowing before you leave for your trip to Scotland.

Benefiting from a temperate ocean climate, Scotland can nevertheless get very cold in winter, so unless you wanted to see the country buried under piles of snow, the best time to visit Scotland is the summer, when temperatures average between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.

The Prettiest Places 

A visit to Scotland would not be complete without a stroll through the lively and colourful streets of Edinburgh, the capital. City of festivals and celebrations, Edinburgh is also famous for its beautiful monuments and medieval architecture such as the Edinburgh Castle, an ancient fortress in the centre of the city built on a volcanic rock.

The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh

You will surely want to check out “Old and New Towns of Edinburgh” available on the Web through the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which presents the contrast between the medieval Old Town and the Georgian New Town.

One can admire two architectural styles that have prevailed in Scotland over the centuries. While the Old Town is dominated by a fortress and monuments of medieval architecture, the New Town glistens with its elegant and modern streets. The contrast between the two cities is striking and arouses one's attention. So be sure to take in this unique tourist attraction during your next trip to Scotland.

Edinburgh is also famous for its many museums, including the National Gallery of Scotland, which presents works by famous painters such as Monet, Velazquez, and Constable, its hilly landscapes, and also its famous pubs where we you can enjoy good beer or Scotch Whisky, the national drink!

The Edinburgh International Festival 

A key event in the city that will be sure to impress you if you are lucky enough to attend is the Edinburgh International Festival, which includes a range of New Year's festivities! Many arts are represented, such as theatre and music, so that tourists have the chance to attend many colourful and dazzling shows and exhibitions, throughout its 3-week duration!

Sea Kayaking

Lovers of sea life will want to take advantage of the chance to participate in sea kayaking, which is practically a national sport in Scotland! Indeed, the country is known as a great place to practise this activity because of its winding coastline and its many islands. Dolphins, sea otters, and seals are among the species that you can admire while practising sea kayaking.

Exploration by Island Rover

For a unique experience, you can explore some of Scotland's 7,000 islands, many of which are deserted. They will leave you with a lasting memory of your trip to Scotland. Indeed, you can easily tour the islands by purchasing an “Island Rover” ticket, which gives unlimited access for a period of 15 days to ferries to visit the country's islands. A fabulous adventure for a couple or a family.

The Tourist Routes of Scotland 

Those in the market for themed activities will find a number of tourist routes in Scotland, such as Scotland Island Hopping, which offers a tour of the most beautiful Western Isles and white sand beaches of western Scotland, or the Whisky or Castle Tour, which, as their name suggests, offer tours of some of the country's distilleries and most beautiful castles.

Visit the Highlands

A visit to the Highlands will impress you with its breathtaking wild landscapes, which offer not only the most striking views in the country, but anywhere on the planet!

Indeed, this region, which stretches across the entire northwest of the country, is a panorama of heather, rocks, hills, mountains, and clear-watered lakes. You will also discover battlefields and historic monuments. Add to that exotic animals such as loons and skuas. In short, you must not miss the Highlands on your next trip to Scotland.

The Mystery of Loch Ness and Its Castle

Finally, another must for any traveller to Scotland: the exploration of Loch Ness and its mystery. It is here that one of the world's most notorious and elusive underwater creatures was fist spotted over a century ago: Nessie, a sea serpent resembling a plesiosaur. However, it has been impossible to solve the mystery of whether the creature still lives – or has ever lived – in the lake; hence, the birth of the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. Thousands of curious go there every year hoping to see it for themselves.