Travel to Senegal

Travel Senegal

A West African country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Mauritania, Senegal is an exotic land on many levels. It will undoubtedly offer you many surprises if you are planning to travel there. Whether for its beautiful scenery, its magical flora and fauna, its friendly locals, its great natural and wild spaces, or its colourful and idyllic beaches, Senegal is without doubt one of those places that one never forgets.

When to Go to Senegal?

If you like the sun, you will be spoiled in Senegal, since it is one of the sunniest places in the world. We are talking of about 3,000 hours of sunshine per year!

Desert and Tropical Climate

Senegal's climate is both desert and tropical, depending on the region you visit. The climate of the country is characterized by two main seasons: the rainy season that runs from June to October, and the dry season that covers the rest of the year. The temperatures are milder during this latter period, making it the perfect time to visit the country.

You can also visit Senegal during the summertime if you are not afraid to be doused and you love the heat, since it is hottest during that season. In any case, whenever you explore Senegal, you are certain to return with a head full of memories!

What to See during Your Trip to Senegal?

It wold be unthinkable to visit the country without seeing the capital Dakar, built on an ancient volcano. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the city offers breathtaking views with its monuments built along the coast.

Goree Island

Fifteen minutes by boat from the capital, lies the island of Goree, which is reminiscent of the Mediterranean with its bougainvillea and Provencal-style buildings. It is here that the sea, with its infinite secrets, churns up obscure objects, including many vestiges of the tumultuous past of former Senegalese civilizations. 

Pointe des Almadies

To admire a beautiful sunset, go to the Pointe des Almadies, a rocky headland perched on the northwest of the Cap Vert peninsula. One can surf, fish, and lounge about on some of the best beaches in the country. The view is breathtaking.

Lake Retba Dunes

Perhaps you have heard of the famous Pink Lake, a body of water with pinkish hues giving a dreamlike aura to this place located 35 kilometres from the Senegalese capital.  

Well, it is in Senegal. Also called Lac Rose, this three-kilometre-long lake is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. Surrounded by sand dunes, it is definitely worth seeing.

As you can see, Senegal is full of wonders waiting to be discovered the moment you set foot upon its soil. 

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