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Phuket trip

Phuket is a Thai island which is the largest and which is located south of the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. It is a city that is distinguished by its cultural and historical richness but also by its economic performance. This city is visited by tourists because of its religious wealth with the influence of Buddhism occupying a very good place in the city. The city is one of Thailand’s major tourist attractions.

The History of Phuket Town

The island of Phuket is known to Europeans from the 16th to the 19th century. Its importance for Europeans mainly concerns its richness in tin. This is how the French obtained a monopoly on this mineral by a treaty which was signed in 1685. But after that the French were forced to leave Siam in 1688. After that the British traders became more and more involved in this trade and this exploitation.

In its history, the most significant event in the course of this island is the attack by the Burmese in 1785 and that after King Taksin pushed back these Burmese for the first time.

The island was hit by a tsunami that was triggered by the earthquake of December 26, 2004, but currently there is no apparent evidence of this event.

The economy of the island of Phuket

The main source of income for the island of Phuket has been tin mining and has been doing so since the 16th century. Tin mining has a lot of influence on the island, even culturally with the Chinese workers who work there and currently this cultural influence is felt on the island.

The economy of the island of Phuket has also developed with tourism since 1980 and this with its sandy beaches which are developed and become tourist centers. Thus, this important tourist place means that infrastructures have been erected in the city to better highlight this.

The climate of the island

The island of Phuket has a tropical climate with constant temperatures throughout the year. The island is also dominated by heavy rain and with two distinct seasons. For those who want calm, they can visit the island during the monsoon. For the tourist seasons, travelers choose the high seasons.

Tourist attractions of Phuket Island

There are several places that one can visit in the island of Phuket to better discover Thai culture but also places of comfort and relaxation as a couple or as a family.

Old Phuket Town

You can visit Old Phuket Town which is a resort town which is located on the southeast coast of the island. The city has 800,000 inhabitants and was founded by Chinese and Malays in the 19th century.

The statue of the Great Buddha

It is a statue that sits on the top of Nakkerd Hill and is 25 meters high. So if you visit Phuket, you should not overlook this statue which represents Buddha. To visit this place, it will be necessary to comply with local traditions.

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