Travel to Tunisia

Travel Tunisia

Are you considering a trip to Tunisia or, perhaps, you have just booked a voyage to this North African country? There is no doubt that you will have a dream holiday, because, like many other Arab countries, Tunisia has everything it takes to make sure you have happy moments with your friends, family, or sweetheart.

An Amazing Destination 

Whether for its arid climate, opulent culture, majestic mosques, breathtakingly-beautiful beaches, vast deserts, or its delicious gastronomy, you will be charmed by the beauty of this country bordered by the Mediterranean sea to the east, by Algeria to the west, and Libya to the southeast. Let's look more closely at this country and all the wonders it has to offer us.

A Desert Safari 

People go to Tunisia to explore its culture, walk through its desert plains, and breathe the hot and arid air of its climate. So, if you are planning a holiday in Tunisia, it is because you want to get away from it all and you will definitely not be disappointed!

What is so special about visiting Tunisia is that you never know what wonder you will come across, because there are so many natural treasures in one place. Observe exotic animals, such as pink flamingos, admire the beauty of the Mediterranean coast, see the most beautiful sunsets, walk on endless desert plains, and visit Roman ruins – all in the same day. These are only a few examples of activities available for you to try during your trip to Tunisia. 

Among the essential things to do in Tunisia is a safari in the Sahara desert. Many companies offer desert tours. The desert covers over 30% of Tunisian territory; so you will have the luxury of many options to book the one that suits you best.

A Safari for Several Days

You can also opt for a safari spread out over several days – highly recommended! This will not only allow you to ride a camel in the desert (and sleep in a bivouac!), but also see some of the best sights in the world, since you will have the opportunity to stop in the biggest cities.

Once again, many companies offer different packages designed to please all tastes, so you will be able to customize your safari in the course of your trip to Tunisia.

Tunisia's Largest Cities

A number of Tunisian cities are worth visiting, starting with Tunis, the capital. Visitors especially appreciate its architecturally-spectacular monuments, such as the Medina and the Great Mosque, eating in good restaurants, stepping out in trendy bars (night life is particularly lively in Tunisia), and soaking up Tunisian culture, because Tunis is the most populous city.

Tabarka, the Beautiful Coastal City

A coastal town perched in the north of the country, Tabarka is breathtakingly beautiful. Its small, hillside houses, spectacular monuments, mountainous landscapes, lush vegetation, and long stretches of cobalt-blue water will all leave you with beautiful memories of your trip to Tunisia. This is an amazing place that you must see!

Bizerte and Its Fortress

Another northern coastal city worth visiting is Bizerte, perched on the Mediterranean coast. among its gems are the medina and fortress, its citadel, and its modern seaside neighbourhoods. Bizerte is certainly one of Tunisia's most beautiful sights.

The Small Village of Sidi Bou Saïd 

Many other Tunisian cities are worth a visit. In fact, each region has its charms and that's why you don't need to stick to big cities such as Tunis, but you can also broaden your horizons by exploring small towns and villages such as Ain Draham or Sidi Bou Said, one of the most charming towns in the world.

Taste Tunisian Cuisine

The words “Travel Tunisia” automatically bring to mind the chance to sample some of the best dishes in the world. Indeed, colourful and flavourful, Tunisian cuisine will not leave you indifferent.

Couscous, Salads, Tagines, and Other Specialties 

Evolving from many different sources, including Jewish, Italian, and Berber, Tunisian gastronomy is based on fruits, vegetables, oriental spices, olive oil, meat, and many other unique and special ingredients.

While each region has its own specialties, you will definitely want to taste the famous Tunisian couscous (one of the best couscous you can find!), Mechouia salad, tagines, and pistachio balls ... to name just a few specialties. 

See the Roman Ruins

Among the other must-see's during a visit to the land also nicknamed the country of Jasmine are the Roman ruins. If you are fond of history and archaeology, you will get more than you bargained for in Tunisia since the country is full of remnants left by the ancient Roman civilization.

Carthage and Bulla Regia

Indeed, Tunisia offers the visitor the chance to see many ruins that have remained almost intact since the days of the Roman Empire. Such is the case of the ruins of Carthage that, despite their fragmentary state, continue to attract and fascinate millions of curious who come in large numbers each year; or the site of Bulla Regia, which offers visitors the chance to go back centuries and explore magnificent Roman villas with underground levels that conceal sublime and fascinating Roman mosaics.

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