Travel in Alaska

Alaska travel and cruise

If you like glaciers, northern lights, and polar bears, a trip to Alaska is surely for you. Indeed, with its 3,800 kilometres of territory from east to west, this stretch of US territory will dazzle you.

An Increasingly Popular Destination

When we think of a journey, we do not always think first of Alaska. No wonder – with a cold and uncompromising climate in winter, this American state is a considerable contrast to the sunny destinations that one normally chooses for a holiday. Yet with its many unique and colourful attractions, Alaska can offer you an extraordinary experience.

In recent years, Alaska has become an increasingly popular destination of travellers looking for new experiences. Because, contrary to popular belief, it is not always cold in Alaska – summer temperatures range between 7 and 24 degrees Celsius in some places – so that, depending on the season and places you visit, your trip to Alaska might surprise you on many levels! 

The Best Time to Visit Alaska

The best time to visit Alaska is during the summer, between the months of May and September. Although it is also a popular destination of insects (remember to bring your bug spray!), this is the time of year you have the opportunity to enjoy your stay without freezing to death! In the autumn, the show offered by the colourful scenery is simply breathtaking.

What to Do in Alaska

Most people go to Alaska to admire the landscapes, fauna, and flora and to see glaciers and northern lights. Alaska is one the best places in the world to experience this luminous phenomenon. They are found everywhere in the territory at various times of the night, 200 days a year!

Fairbanks and the Northern Lights

The city of Fairbanks, the second largest region in Alaska, is particularly conducive to the observation of these arrays of dancing multicoloured lights, so it is a great place to visit if you want to experience them while having access to other exciting activities, such as dog sledding. 

Another great site near Fairbanks is Denali National Park, where you can admire many species of wildlife, such as coyotes, wolves, and bears.

Anchorage, the Capital

In summer, it's hot in the capital of Alaska. It is also a must for anyone who sets foot in this American state. A cultural and colourful city, Anchorage offers many surprises, in summer and winter alike.

If you go, be sure to visit one of the most popular attractions Alaska has to offer: the Portage Glacier. This alone is worth the trip. You will also see polar and glacial landscapes of breathtaking beauty and have the opportunity to learn about the geology of the area.