Travel in Alaska

Explore Alaska: The last frontier

Alaska, known as "The Last Frontier," is a breathtaking travel destination offering pristine wilderness, stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife, and unique experiences. Discover the raw beauty of Alaska, where glaciers, majestic mountains, and the Northern Lights await.

Alaska: A natural jewel

Alaska is a natural jewel with a variety of awe-inspiring landscapes and exciting activities. Explore its unique natural and cultural wonders.

Must-visit destinations

Alaska is brimming with must-visit destinations that will leave you with unforgettable memories:

Denali national park: North america's tallest peak

Denali National Park is home to Mount Denali, North America's highest peak. Hike, observe wildlife, and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

Glacier Bay national Park: A sea of ice

Explore Glacier Bay National Park, where massive glaciers flow into azure waters. Witness glaciers calving and spot humpback whales.

Juneau: The unique capital

Juneau, Alaska's capital, is the only U.S. capital accessible by boat or plane. Explore the picturesque downtown, embark on whale-watching excursions, and visit the Mendenhall Glacier.

Anchorage: Alaska's largest city

Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, serves as the ideal starting point for adventures in the state. Explore the Anchorage Museum, bike along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, and savor fresh salmon.

Outdoor Experiences

Alaska offers a range of outdoor experiences, from fishing to hiking and kayaking:

Fishing in Alaska: The salmon kingdom

Alaska is renowned for exceptional fishing. Join guided trips to catch king salmon, coho salmon, and pink salmon in picturesque rivers and fjords.

Backcountry hiking: wild adventures

Explore Alaska's backcountry through rugged trails. Traverse dense forests, alpine tundras, and glacier-carved valleys.

Wildlife viewing: Majestic encounters

Alaska is a wildlife haven, home to brown bears, moose, orcas, bald eagles, and humpback whales. Join excursions to observe them in their natural habitats.

Native Culture

Discover the richness of Alaska's Native culture by visiting traditional villages, attending tribal dances, and exploring Native art:

Native art: Authentic creativity

Admire Native art, including mammoth ivory carvings, tribal masks, and paintings depicting ancestral legends.

Alaska villages: Meeting the locals

Visit Native villages like Barrow, Sitka, and Nome to learn about customs, traditions, and the way of life of Native communities.

Northern lights

Alaska is one of the world's best places to witness the Northern Lights. Plan a visit during the winter months to have a chance to see this enchanting celestial display.

Alaskan cuisine

Savor Alaska's cuisine by enjoying dishes featuring fresh salmon, king crab, sea urchin, and game meat. Don't miss out on salmon fritters and the famous caribou stew.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Alaska depends on your interests. Summer is ideal for outdoor activities, while winter offers the chance to witness the Northern Lights.

Cruise adventure

Cruising in Alaska is one of the best ways to explore the state's pristine coastline. Choose from a variety of cruise itineraries to discover fjords, glaciers, and marine life.


Alaska is a land of contrasts and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a wildlife lover, a fan of Native culture, or a traveler seeking grand landscapes, Alaska has something to offer everyone. Explore this captivating region, be awed by its natural wonders, and create unforgettable memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to visit Alaska depends on your interests. Summer, from June to August, is popular for outdoor activities and wildlife viewing, while the winter months offer the opportunity to see the Northern Lights and enjoy winter sports.
Alaska boasts stunning natural beauty and attractions such as Denali National Park, Glacier Bay National Park, the Inside Passage, Kenai Fjords National Park, and the Northern Lights.
To see the Northern Lights in Alaska, you should visit during the winter months, particularly in northern regions like Fairbanks or Anchorage. Away from city lights and on clear nights, you have a good chance of witnessing this natural phenomenon.
Alaska is home to diverse wildlife, including grizzly bears, moose, bald eagles, humpback whales, orcas, and various bird species. Wildlife viewing tours are popular.
Depending on the season and activities, you may need warm clothing, waterproof gear, and insulated boots, especially in winter. Layered clothing is key for staying comfortable in Alaska's variable climate.
Alaska offers numerous hiking opportunities. Some popular trails include the Harding Icefield Trail in Kenai Fjords, the Horseshoe Lake Trail in Denali, and the Mount Roberts Trail in Juneau.
Many tour operators offer glacier tours in Alaska. You can explore glaciers by boat, kayak, or even take a helicopter tour to land on one.
Cruises are a popular way to explore Alaska's coastline, particularly the Inside Passage. This allows you to see glaciers, wildlife, and charming coastal towns.
Yes, Alaska has a rich indigenous culture. Visitors can experience Native Alaskan traditions, such as totem pole carving, traditional dance performances, and learning about the heritage of Alaska's native peoples.
While wildlife encounters are part of the allure of Alaska, it's essential to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when encountering animals like bears and moose. Be bear aware and carry bear spray when hiking in bear country.
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