Travel in Florida

Florida travel and plane ticket

Planning a trip to Florida soon? Nicknamed the Sunshine State, this southernmost region of the continental United States will undoubtedly meet all your travel expectations.

Indeed, whether you are looking for beaches, gastronomy, golf, or shopping, you will be satisfied by choosing a trip to Florida, which has everything you could hope for to offer an unforgettable holiday in the sun.

The Most Popular Sites

Among the top destinations are unquestionably those on the East Coast, such as Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Dania Beach, Sunny Isle, and Miami.

Indeed, because of their geographical position overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, these coastal areas are very popular with tourists, especially Quebecers.

On the west coast, the Fort Myers and Sanibel areas are among the most beautiful places that the United States has to offer travellers.

More central, Tampa Bay and Orlando, two of the most populated areas after Miami, also attract travellers because of their many tourist attractions as well as their enviable location.

What To Do During Your Trip to Florida

No matter where you decide to go for your trip to Florida, you will not be disappointed, since everything is in place so that tourists can have a good time.

Thus, just about everywhere in Florida there are casinos, night clubs, gourmet restaurants, beaches, and golf courses. Florida is known for its many golf courses, particularly in the Orlando area, which has dozens.

While lovers of beaches, restaurants, and nightclubs will love South Beach, Miami, Hollywood Beach, Las Olas, and Fort Lauderdale – a favourite spot for shopping and sipping a Margarita by the seaside, those who wish to admire unusual species of animals love the west coast, including the beautiful city of Sanibel, famous for the beauty of its more wild landscapes, its breathtaking sunsets, and its abundance of winged species, such as the flamingo, pelican, and flying fish.

Among the other attractions not to miss on your trip to Florida, there is the famous theme park, Walt Disney World, near Orlando – a little corner of paradise for both children and adults. All around the area are many resorts ready to welcome you and your family to ensure that your Florida vacation is unforgettable. 

St. Petersburg and Clearwater 

Otherwise, Siesta Key Beach in the city of Sarasota, the cultural centre of Florida, is part of one of the most beautiful resort areas in the United States. It can be reached from the cities of Fort Myers in the south and Tampa Bay in the north.

Staying on the west coast, the city of St. Petersburg, nicknamed the Sunshine City, since it receives 360 days of sun a year, will also not fail to delight you with its expanses of clear turquoise water as far as the eye can see.

Neither will the waters of Clearwater Beach leave you indifferent. And if you are travelling through Tampa or Clearwater and feel like watching a good hockey game and seeing the Canadiens play in Florida, Tampa Bay Arena is not far away! 

Old St. Augustine

History buffs will not be left out, since Florida is full of museums – Miami alone has several – and places to learn more about its rich history.

This is the case for the city of St. Augustine, in the northeast portion of the state, which is one of the oldest cities in America and the oldest in Florida. It is worth visiting for its architecture alone. 

Among the best-known attractions include the historic district, the Colonial Spanish Quarter, where you can admire many heritage buildings and do some shopping, see the famous St. Augustine Lighthouse, 219-steps high, from which you have an absolutely gorgeous view of the ocean. It is even possible, if you are lucky, to see the remains of one of the 250 ships that have been wrecked in this location in the past.

In short, the city, which is Florida's historical birthplace, is the perfect spot to discover its history on your next trip to Florida. 

The Keys

Finally, you can't think of a trip to Florida without dreaming of exploring the Keys, the three small islands that make up this archipelago in the extreme south of the country, only 90 miles from Cuba by boat or plane.

A tourist attraction called the Southernmost Point allows you to visit the southernmost point of North America and stroll through the small village of Key West, where you can shop, eat in a small restaurant, admire its old buildings, and visit the home of writer Ernest Hemingway.

In recent years, Key West has become the centre of attraction for writers, gays, and artists in general, so if you identify with one of those groups, you should definitely consider visiting.

By itself, the scenic road to get to the Keys by car, a marine ecological treasure, is worth it. Indeed, the road, known as the Ocean Highway, allows you to drive for hours while surrounded by turquoise water as far as the eye can see.

Our Favourites

In sum, the Keys, as well as Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas, and, in particular, South Beach, Sunny Isle Beach, Sanibel, Fort Myers, Orlando, and Tampa Bay, are definitely among our favourites when talking about trips to Florida. Don't take our word for it – find out for yourself on your next trip to Florida!