Travel to Hollywood

Travel Hollywood

Do we really need to introduce this destination that is perched on the west coast of the United States, illuminating the state of California with its thousand lights? Indeed, if you have chosen a trip to Hollywood for your next vacation, you'll be anything but disappointed, since you will have the chance to feel like a movie star during your stay, and maybe you will even the opportunity to see one, since Hollywood is the capital of American cinema!

A Few Must-Sees

Among the sites to see at all costs during your stay in the largest district of Los Angeles, don't miss Rodeo Drive, the famous shopping street in the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills, where the movie Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts was filmed. You will find the top fashion brands, such as Versace, Ralph Lauren, and Yves Saint-Laurent, in addition to having the opportunity to stay in prestigious hotels and eat at the best restaurants that exist.

A Visit to Universal Studios

A tour of Universal Studios Hollywood and its theme park offers many activities to please the whole family is also one of Hollywood's attractions that you will not want to miss.

On your way there, you will have the opportunity to see some of the scenery and shooting locations where many of the world's most famous, legendary films were produced. In addition, you can enjoy the midway rides inspired by major Universal films, such as Jurassic Park and Terminator.