Travel to Shanghai

Shanghai trip

Do you want to visit a city that is both modern and culturally rich? Shanghai is the ideal city. Being among the largest megalopolises in the world, Shanghai occupies an important place in the world economy but also in China. It is a city that also has a great history which is very determining in the history of China. Shanghai is also a city with a good geostrategic location both economically and culturally with its location on the Huangpu River. In fact, several large companies already have their headquarters in this large city.

The climate

To fully benefit from your trip to this magnificent city of Shanghai, you need to know the best time to visit. The city has a humid subtropical climate. The best times for visits are spring and autumn, in this case in late April-early July and early September-late October.

For other seasons like summer and winter, temperatures are not fixed and can be overcome by high humidity. In summer, temperatures can reach 350 to 360 at noon and this with high humidity. At the same time, rains are expected during this period. During winter, temperatures drop very low below 100 but rarely exceed 0 °. Winters are rather difficult in Shanghai due to the high humidity level and to this is added the wind and also an inefficient heating system. However, the hotels are well insulated and well heated.

Shanghai, one of the richest cities in the world

In 2019, Shanghai is counted among the richest cities in the world, occupying the 6th place. The city has become the symbol of modernism but also of global economic dynamism. Globally, the city is the center of concentration of renowned companies that have their headquarters in life. In addition, the Chinese administration has made it the center of foreign trade but also of finance.

The main attractions of Shanghai

The city of Shanghai has several tourist attractions which are the combination of good culture but also of economic wealth. These places strongly contribute to the notoriety of the city especially economically.

Huangpu River

It is a long river that runs through Shanghai and divides the city into two sections: in the east there is Pudong and in the west there is Puxi. With an average width of 500 meters, the river is a real tourist attraction in the form of a river cruise.

Shanghai Grand Theater

It is a structure which is located in the heart of the city but also a building which is very representative for the city. A magnificent place where you can experience the richness of Chinese culture but also the history of the city in all its glory with the dynasties and other rulers.

Jade Buddha Temple

It is a mythical place and very symbolic of Chinese Buddhist culture. On the religious level it is also a place of worship where people come to pray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must-visit attractions include the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Bund, and Old Shanghai.
Spring and autumn offer pleasant weather, but avoid the hot and humid summer months.
Don't miss xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings) and Shanghai-style noodles in soup.
Use the metro, taxis, or bike-sharing apps to navigate the city.
The Bund, Tianzifang, and Chenghuang Food Street are popular for nightlife.
Yes, it's courteous to give and receive items with both hands.
The Shanghai Museum and the China Art Palace Museum are recommended.
Yes, a few simple phrases can facilitate communication.
The Old Town market, Nanjing Road, and Tianzifang have many options.
Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival are celebrated with enthusiasm.