Travel to Zagreb

Voyage à Zagreb

Zagreb's history spans nine centuries. Its name was first mentioned in 1094, when Hungarian King Ladislaus I founded a diocese on Kaptol Hill. At the beginning of the medieval period, Zagreb received the privileges of a free royal city. By the 17th century, when the University of Zagreb was founded, it had become the political center of the region. From the origins of the city, through the Austro-Hungarian period, President Tito and the struggle for independence, the city's turbulent past allows for fascinating exploration. Its cultural significance can be traced thanks to the Croatian National Theater, Lisinski Concert Hall and Zagreb Arena, as well as many other fascinating theaters and venues.

Unmissable activities

Maksimir park

Escape the noise of the city and take a brisk stroll through Zagreb's oldest public park. What could be better than a beautiful walk in this park filled with meadows, streams, creeks, lakes and other natural landscapes, where you can fully channel your love of nature. From this magnificent nature, one cannot help but be distracted by the cultural heritage that this place has to offer. Take advantage of your getaway to visit the Zagreb Zoo which is located nearby.

Eye of Zagreb

It is a visual paradise for those who enjoy viewing from above. It offers a 360 degree view so you don't miss a thing. You can see the entire panorama of the city and its fabulous surroundings from the 16th floor, including old historic structures and modern skyscrapers. This is the place where the charm of Zagreb is revealed before your eyes.

Dolac market

If you want to experience local life, this central Zagreb open-air market is the place to visit. It is a great place not only to buy local products, but also to soak up the local life and culture. Located just behind the main square and visited by hundreds of people every day, this market is a must-see part of the city. Farmers from all over Zagreb come here to sell their products.

Zagreb cathedral

This large monument is officially known as the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This place is not to be missed during your stay in Zagreb. It is arguably the most impressive building in Zagreb. Its dazzling beauty has survived an earthquake and many reconstructions that have turned it into a neo-Gothic monument. The inside is just as amazing as the outside.

Museum of Broken Relationships

Zagreb is an innovative and daring city. One example is the Museum of Broken Relationships, which is a unique place to visit. Here you can find fascinating stories told by hundreds of personal items of former lovers around the world. Unusual exhibits of memorabilia that tell the universal story of love and breaking up are what makes this museum so appealing.