Travel to Birmingham

Birmingham trip

The second largest city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham welcomes millions of tourists each year. The city has a rich cultural program, many historical sites as well as fantastic restaurants and bars that make every stay special.

History and demography

By the start of World War I, most of the city center had been rebuilt, with businesses and commerce replacing substandard housing. At the same time, some 200,000 people in Birmingham lived near the city center in dismal and unsanitary courtyards and gardens, many of which were made up of houses backing onto each other. Some lived in terraces backed by tunnels, in long, straight, uniform streets. During the 20th century, Birmingham's population continued to increase, while the city center gradually became depopulated due to increased demand for offices and businesses. Industry has also started to move outward, some to inner city neighborhoods and others to pristine sites on the edge of the urban area. However, by the turn of the century, concerted action was taken to bring residents back to the city center with upscale apartments around the convention district.

Culture and heritage

Once home to the Industrial Revolution, Birmingham is a city proud of its culture and heritage. This is what makes it the preferred destination it is today. Admire its historic architecture or explore its majestic waterways, lined with local history, culture and way of life.

The unavoidable

Birmingham Library

The Birmingham Library, which opened in 2013, is an impressive building both on the outside and inside. It was designed by Dutch architects, who created a space bringing together the library's traditional collections with new digital technologies and cultural programs. It spans no less than ten levels, each including a special part of the library, such as the Shakespeare Memorial Hall, and two beautiful outdoor terraces. Located at the Place du Centenaire, it is a must-see for lovers of art and literature.

A boat trip on the canal

The canal boat trips make several shuttles per day, from the quayside at the International Convention Center in the heart of Birmingham. It's a great way to explore the city's industrial heritage and fascinating past. The boat ride will guide you along quiet stretches of the canal, which saw the birth of the first industrial revolution more than 200 years ago.

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