Travel to Liverpool

Trip to Liverpool

When we talk about travel, we often think of the discovery that we can make. If you have the option of discovering a city rich in history and culture, Liverpool is the place for it. Being a metropolitan district located in the region of North West England, the city of Liverpool was founded in 1207. Its cultural richness, especially musically, makes Liverpool an English city in the truest sense of the word. Literary and historical culture are also assets of the city with a museum but also festivals that are organized there every year.

A great cultural wealth

Liverpool is one of the most culturally rich cities in Europe and the UK. Indeed, the city is the cultural center of the United Kingdom and in 2008 it had been the European Capital of Culture. The cultural richness of the city is felt on three levels namely, music, art and literature. For the musical side, the city is famous for the birth of the mythical group of music which is "The Beatles". This legendary group has given at least 300 concerts at the “Cavern Club”. Classical music is also not left stranded in the city with a symphony orchestra.

Liverpool is also a lifetime of history with several galleries and museums. On the literary level too, Liverpool occupies a large place with renowned authors who have lived in the city. Apart from these three, there is the theater which is very successful with festivals organized every year.

Good weather moments to visit the city

If you want to know the best way to visit Liverpool, summer is surely the best time of the year to visit this magnificent city. Indeed, the summers are partly cloudy in Liverpool unlike the winters which can be very cold. Temperatures throughout the year range from 30 C to 200C. Thus, the time of year for visits is late June-late August with the onset of summer when the temperatures are relatively warm and pleasant to have a good time with family or couples.

The highlights of Liverpool

There are several places to visit in Liverpool depending on your need. Each place will be first and foremost a way to discover part of the city's history but also to become familiar with its beauty.

The Beatles Story

It is a mythical and unmissable place for lovers of the legendary Beatles group. It has been open since 1990 and will introduce you to the history of an extraordinary group.

Anfield Stadium

Liverpool are also a famous football club with a legendary history in Europe and around the world. Its legendary stadium is also one of the most remarkable places in the city, especially when you are a football fan.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

It is a museum that brings together 800 years of Liverpool's maritime history. It is the largest maritime museum in Europe.