Tracel to Helsinki

Trip to Helsinki

Helsinki is the Finnish capital and the country's largest city. Located at the level of the peninsula in the heart of the Gulf of Finland, this city has more than 600,000 inhabitants and is very appreciated for its charm and its magnificent landscapes. The unmissable beauty of its nature attracts countless visitors. There are also gigantic monuments as well as many historical buildings.

The climate in Helsinki

In Helsinki, the climate is continental and it is tempered by the proximity of the sea without counting the Gulf Stream. In winter, temperatures are high given the latitude with averages around -5 ° C during the months of January and February. From June to August, the average highs vary between 19 and 21 ° C.

When to go to Helsinki?

It is possible to visit the Finnish capital throughout the year. In summer it will be possible to admire the archipelago under the midnight sun and in winter you can observe the frozen sea as well as the snow covered nature. The Ruska season which occurs in early autumn is one of the best times to visit Helsinki. This is when the colors of the tree leaves become blazing. The high tourist seasons are also to be taken into account if you want to visit the city. These are June-July and December-January.

The essentials in Helsinki

There are several wonderful places to see in Helsinki.

The national museum

It is the country's national museum and it traces the history of Finland from prehistoric times to modern times. In the different rooms, you will learn about the history of the Finnish nation, which remains unusual. There are guided tours available there but you can also freely enjoy your visit.

Suomenlinna fortress

This building is located off the city and was built in the 18th century. It is part of the UNESCO world heritage and is one of the must-sees. The fortress is made up of 6 islets and has a splendid park and rare artillery pieces.

Nuuksio National Park

It is the ideal place to admire the nature of the country. It is a protected space where you can freely organize barbecues during the summer. Families love to go there on Sundays to enjoy nature.

Hakaniemi market

This market is famous across the country and is one of the city's must-sees. It is a covered market which is located in Hakaniemi Square and has a fair every first Sunday of the month. Open Monday to Friday, it is the ideal place to shop and discover Finnish gastronomy.

Hietaniemi beach

It is the most famous beach in Helsinki and it is located in the Toolo district. You can enjoy the freshness of the Baltic Sea and relax better.

Where to stay in Helsinki?

There is the Kamppi district which is a tourist district with many large hotels. Other areas like the residential areas of Kallio and Harju have rental offers.