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Capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a wonderful city with fascinating places to visit, rich history and dazzling cultural potential.


Much of Northern Ireland's history emerged around the time Henry VIII claimed the Kingdom in the 16th century. England and the Presbyterian Scots began to settle, followed by discrimination against Catholics through Oliver Cromwell and William of Orange. The Ulster Museum in Belfast presents a comprehensive picture of the troubles and history of Northern Ireland. Belfast became a city in 1888, and as the capital it boasts the most impressive buildings including the turn-of-the-century Town Hall and reconstructed Belfast Castle.


Despite hatred, religious upheaval and political wrangling on all sides, the people of Northern Ireland are warm and friendly. Culture is intertwined between England, Ireland and Scotland. Due to these different influences, a rich palette of festivals is offered throughout the year, with the participation of the Republic of Ireland and controversial festivals like Orangefest

A walk in a beautiful park

Look no further than Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park to explore the city. This park is located on the edge of South Belfast and is one of the most popular in the city. Covering over 128 acres, this magnificent park is made up of rolling meadows, groves, woods and gardens. It is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. It is the perfect place to walk the dog, go for a jog or take a leisurely stroll.

A stroll through the streets of Belfast

Belfast is best known for its political murals in areas outside the city center. But in the heart of the city, there is an abundance of incredible non-political street art to discover. Like Berlin, which has become famous for its walls, Belfast has become a place where the walls have become galleries for local artists and where street art has developed a lot.

The chicest bars in town

Having a drink in the Cathedral Quarter is one of the top things to do in Belfast. It is an amazing city for a night out and the Cathedral Quarter has all the ingredients you need for a good night out. This central area, named after Belfast Cathedral there, has become a center of attraction for the city's best bars and restaurants.

Lagan river

The Lagan River is spectacular at night and it is another of Belfast's wonders. The River Lagan is a major river in Northern Ireland, and it runs through the very heart of Belfast. Along its banks you will find some of the city's most iconic sights. Perhaps the best way to see them is to walk along the river at night to see them illuminated in all their glory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must-visit places in Belfast include Titanic Belfast, Titanic Quarter, Peace Wall, Belfast Castle, and St. George's Market.
The best time to visit Belfast is during the summer months, from June to August, when temperatures are milder and days are longer.
In Belfast, you can try traditional dishes such as Irish stew, fish and chips, soda bread, scones, and fresh seafood delights.
In Belfast, you can get around using public transportation such as buses, taxis, shared bikes, or by walking to explore the city center.
Cultural events not to be missed in Belfast include Belfast Film Festival, Beer and Cider Festival, Music Festival, and Saint Patrick's Day celebrations.
Yes, popular day trips from Belfast include visiting Giant's Causeway, touring Belfast's murals, whiskey distillery tours, and exploring the Causeway Coastal Route.
Interesting museums to visit in Belfast include Titanic Belfast, Ulster Museum, Transport Museum, and Belfast War Museum.
Nightlife options in Belfast include traditional pubs, cocktail bars, live music clubs, and theaters offering vibrant nightlife.
In Belfast, you can find shops in the Victoria Square shopping district, St. George's Market, and independent boutiques in the Cathedral Quarter.
In Belfast, you'll find a range of accommodation options from luxury hotels to hostels, guesthouses, and rental apartments.
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