Trip to Glasgow

Glasgow trip

Visiting a city which has an excellent geographical location while having a remarkable history and culture is not an easy thing. But it is possible with Glasgow being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Being the third largest city in the United Kingdom, Glasgow is a city marked by great history and also great cultural wealth. It is also a city of meetings with good economic wealth that is growing more and more. Glasgow is also a city undergoing reconstruction from being one of the world's largest shipbuilding centers.

The climate

Sightseeing in a city also means having a precise idea of ​​its location and its climatic variations. In Glasgow you will have cool summers but also long winters and good precipitation. The weather is mostly cloudy throughout the year. For tourists, the best time for sightseeing is late June, late August. During this time you can carry out several summer activities. The city's climate type is oceanic therefore with moderate winters and cool summers.

Glasgow history

The place where the city is located has been occupied since prehistoric times. For the origins of the city of Glasgow derive from its medieval position, it is the second largest bishopric in Scotland. The city evolved during the tenth and eleventh centuries under the influence of David I of Scotland and Bishop John Capellanus. During her time as Episcopal, the city became one of the largest and wealthiest towns in Scotland. Over the years, the city grew rapidly by exploiting its economic potential.

After these periods of prosperity, the city experienced economic difficulties in the 20th century with periods of decline and renewal. However, in 1980, the city experienced a real economic rebound with a revitalization of the economy but also a cultural renaissance.

The economy

Given its great history, Glasgow is also Scotland's largest economic hub. The city is also the center of the urban area. For years of its history, the city’s economy has turned to shipbuilding, steelwork, coal mining, among others. But today its economy is more focused on service but also tourism, which is highly developed there. In addition, the city has excellent modern port facilities.

Glasgow tourist attractions

The city has several tourist sites which are very visited every year.

The Art Gallery And Museum

It is a magnificent Baroque building which was built in 1901. It is a museum which has the largest collections of works of art in the UK. It is a very popular place because of its history. You can learn a lot of the history of the city.

Glasgow Botanic Garden

It is a place that is world famous for its Victorian greenhouses. There are plants from Africa, New Zealand, America and Australia. It is also a place that is home to a wide variety of tropical plants.