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Dakar trip

Being the capital of Senegal and located at the level of West Africa, Dakar is a city which has a very good tourist reputation in the world and in the continent in particular. Culturally, it is a city that is very cosmopolitan with several ethnicities, so culture occupies an important place in this city. In addition, in terms of tourism, the city is experiencing a real boom with world events organized there. If you want to visit a city that has real regional stability with legendary hospitality, in a beautiful country, Dakar is the place to be.

A rich history

Dakar is a city which has known several upheavals in its history. Indeed, the city has been ruled by the Lebous and that since 1793. For its origins, vestiges discovered on various places of the peninsula attest that the place knew a brief presence of human on the Atlantic frontage and that from the Paleolithic. The first occupants of the city were the Mandingo. And it was these Mandingo people who discovered the navigator, Denis Dias when he landed on the shores of Dakar in 1444. After that, navigators followed one another to discover the city, in particular the island of Gorée. But what is most decisive in the history of this city and the French presence which is evident to this day.

Dakar, a cultural city

Culture is omnipresent in the city of Dakar. Moreover, it is even a trademark with cultural performance venues but also museums and libraries that retrace the history of the city and of Senegal. There are also markets and places where traditional objects and works of Senegalese culture are exhibited and sold. In addition, cultural events are organized every year in the capital and this under the presence of several participants from all over the world.

The city's climate advantage

Dakar has a subtropical desert climate and enjoys a mild desert type microclimate. Its climate is also influenced by the trade winds and the monsoons. This climatic advantage of the city and its many beaches means that Dakar is very popular for holidays and that with several sites of relaxation and comfort.

The essentials of Dakar

The city has an international aura through its stability and hospitality. In the land of "Teranga", which means hospitality, you will always be welcomed.

The Mamelles lighthouse

To have a panoramic view of the city of Dakar, you must visit the lighthouse of the mamelles. In this place you can experience a 360 ° view of the city.


When you visit Dakar, you must absolutely go through its museums where rare objects are exhibited that have a particular history for the country but also for Africa.

Daniel Sorano National Theater

It is a performance hall where you can follow ceremonies and other shows to better discover the cultural side of the city.

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