Travel to Canary Islands

Travel to the Canary Islands 

Have you ever considered spending your next holiday on the Canary Islands, which are part of Spain? If not, you should take a moment to think about it, because it is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world.

Indeed, this little corner of heaven on earth is made up of seven islands waiting to serve as the background for unforgettable memories during your next vacation with your friends, family, or a significant other. And there is a good reason: its unique landscapes are among the most breathtaking in the entire world.

Off the coast of Spain and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands are part of 17 autonomous Spanish communities, as is Ibiza, a small island paradise nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

You can enjoy a wide range of activities, but the most popular are swimming, diving, golf, mountain climbing, hiking, and exploring the fauna and flora.

Camel Rides and Volcano Exploration

In the Canary Islands, the sky is the limit. With camel rides through desert landscapes to explore volcanoes and lava flows, boat trips, watching the sun rise on a tropic isle, and breathtaking wildlife observation, there is no doubt that you will get your money's worth on the Canary Islands.

What is the best time to travel to the Canary Islands? Since the climate is tropical and it's sunny and warm there almost all year round, you can go at any time, but the months of April to November are likely to be especially hot.