Travel to Bangkok

Bangkok trip

Do you want to visit a city that is experiencing real economic and tourist expansion? Bangkok is among the best in the world. Being the capital of Thailand, the city of Bangkok has over 9 million inhabitants and the metropolitan area of ​​the capital is inhabited by over 19 million people which is higher than any other urban center in the country. Economically, the city of Bangkok is experiencing real expansion with the installation of large multinationals in the city. It is also a city which has an important and even international influence on the business sector. Culturally, Bangkok benefits from a symbiosis of several cultures with great antiquity. Thus, the city of Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world and this in order to discover all the economic wealth of the region but also the cultural wealth of Thailand. Its history is just as rich.

Bangkok climate

Bangkok is a city which has a tropical climate and which is characterized by two seasons namely, the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season runs from November to April and the rainy season runs from May to October. The heat in Bangkok is very strong, the city was named the hottest capital in the world in 2017 with 28 ° C. The hottest months in Bangkok are March and April. The inclement weather of the rainy season creates floods every year and causes enormous damage.

Bangkok's history

Originally, Bangkok was a village on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. The village was occupied by French troops in 1687. Then the city was ceded to King Narai of Ayutthaya. But during his death throes his successor hunts down the French troops and makes Bangkok the capital. Then the city passed through several chiefs and sometimes with the transfer of the status of capital. But the official founding date of the city is April 6, 1782. The city has a rich local history with the influence of kings among others. Therefore, visiting the city of Bangkok will be a way for you to revisit a great history of the Asian continent. This historical wealth also contributes to its cultural influence.

Bangkok, a great economic wealth

The city of Bangkok is a city that is economically recognized worldwide. It is for this reason that the city was recognized as the best city in the world in 2013.

In terms of tourism, it is a city that has a worldwide reputation. Indeed, the city of Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world and this by its economic wealth which allows it to put tourists and visitors in excellent conditions and conditions in order to spend moments of comfort and relaxation. during your vacation. In the Asian continent, it is a city which occupies an excellent place in the economy by being the crossroads of several powers but also being located in a strategic area geopolitically. In this regard, several large companies have settled in the city in order to better promote their field. The economic development of the city also affects technology with several large digital companies that have settled in the Thai capital.

Bangkok tourist attractions

In the city you can visit magnificent places with remarkable discoveries on several areas of the cultural, religious but also artistic history of the country.

The temple of the reclining Buddha

The temple called Wat Pho is one of the most famous temples in the city of Bangkok. It houses the Reclining Buddha. It is also one of the oldest temples in the city. The temple is also home to the largest collection of Buddha images in all of Thailand. The Reclining Buddha is 46 m long. Therefore, visiting this place will be a way to get to know the city better, but also the history of the country.

The Royal Palace

You can also visit the Royal Palace which is the most beautiful temple in the city. This temple will allow you to discover the art of the city and the history of the city. You will find in the temple an Emerald Buddha among others. The palace was built in 1782 and has become a real place of visit and discovery for tourists from all over the world.

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