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CLUB MED, what is it?

What makes Club Méditerranée so successful and famous worldwide?

The MEDITERRANEAN CLUB, a pioneer in its field

Club Med is above all the inventor of the concept of all-inclusive vacations and an extraordinary success story.

The adventure began in 1950 on a beach in the Balearic Islands in Spain: the two founders Gérard Blitz, then later Gilbert Trigano, set up their tents on land without water or electricity: the first Club Med village was born.

In the post-war context that the world was experiencing at that time, Gérard Blitz, a fervent defender of freedom, wanted to make holidays accessible to everyone, to facilitate meetings by abolishing the barriers of money (with the all-inclusive package), social classes (thanks to sport, games, outdoor activities) and religions.

Conviviality is at the heart of the concept: we talk to each other, we eat together, we share our memories and our holidays for a week, even if we don't know each other. Success was immediate and other villages began to flourish in Italy, Tunisia, Tahiti and even Switzerland.

Today, there are more than 70 villages on 5 continents, including a new village in the Massif de Charlevoix in Quebec and a cruising sailboat: Club Med 2.

Club Med's Brand Identity

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Club Med images, logos and properties: ©Club Med.

A unique identity and an unforgettable customer experience

Club Med has its own vocabulary! What are we talking about when we talk about the Village Chief, the G.Os, the Crazy Signs… If you know the meaning of these words, it means that you are already part of the Club Med family…

We speak of a “Village” simply because Club Med establishments are reminiscent of the organization of a village: the flowery alleys to get to your room, the restaurants, the hairdresser, the spa, the theater, the infirmary… The warm and friendly atmosphere that reigns there gives the impression that everyone knows and appreciates each other.

The Village Chief is THE figure of the Club, an essential character in the life of the village. He ensures the smooth running of your stay, he welcomes you on your arrival, he knows you, greets you, sometimes invites himself to your table during meals, he hosts the shows... He is very respected within the village like a cruise ship captain.

You will appreciate him so much that you will decide to spend your next vacation in the village of which he will be the chief!

The G.Ms: Gentils Members

They are simply vacationers. From your first stay, you become part of the large Club Med family. You are instantly part of the loyalty program which has several grades: Turquoise, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

This program gives you access to discounts, privileges in the village, etc.

G.Ms are at the heart of the concerns. From the welcome to the departure, everything is designed to make you live an experience, even beyond living a holiday.

The G.Os: Gentils Organizers

It is the animators who accompany you throughout your stay and who assist you if necessary.

Receptionists or sailing teachers during the day, dancers and party partners at night, they are at your side to make your holiday unforgettable. Very involved in the life of the village, they are present from morning to evening! They live on site in the “G.O district”, which allows them to be available at all times.

They share your meals, offer you a coffee at the bar, face you during a game of beach volleyball...

But be careful: the G.Os know how to be discreet when necessary and leave you moments of intimacy if you want to stay alone or with your family.

Multiculturalism among employees is very important. During your stay, you will meet G.Os from all over the world: Canada but also Brazil, France, USA, Mexico, Italy, etc. Club Med is not just a simple accommodation, it allows you to meet rewarding people and create great friendships. The G.O and G.M are always very happy to see each other again the following years!

The G.E: Gentils Employees

These are the employees of the village who return home after their day's work. These are usually local.


The Crazy Signs

A real member of the Club Med family knows ALL the Crazy Signs (or almost…)! These are short choreographies performed by the G.Os, G.Es and G.Ms at any time of the day. By the pool, on the beach, before a show... These are real meetings to which everyone is invited!

Some are specific to each Club Med village but most are cult and are known in all villages around the world.

It's a bit like the hallmark of Club Med: they reflect conviviality, community life, good humor... The values of the Club!


There is something for every taste !

You are all welcome at the Club: with family, friends, couple or even alone, you will necessarily find a village that suits you.

There are Adults Only villages such as Kemer in Turkey or Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. Ideal for couples looking for tranquility in a heavenly place, singles who want to meet people or friends who want to party!

You will also find many villages suitable for families. No need to explain to you why the Club is a paradise for children AND parents? Whether ?!

You will certainly need time to relax or a moment alone with your significant other.

The G.Os of the Kids Club are there to take care of your children during the day but also during meals AND in the evening! You can enjoy your holidays with peace of mind…

From 4 months to 17 years old, Club Med provides tailor-made programs for your children. They have their own spaces, play and rest areas, swimming pools, etc. Perfect for making friends and playing all day!


Meet our Club Med Specialists who can help you plan your trips to any of the Club Med destinations.

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