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From ancient and epic works of art, to the fascinating architecture and cuisine of the island's spirituality, there are many fabulous things to see and do in this tropical paradise that will give you a glimpse of life. daily life of the Balinese. Whether you want to delve a little deeper into the wonderful history, values ​​and beliefs of Bali, or want to learn a thing or two about Balinese food, dance and art, your stay is sure to be unforgettable.

Bali history

The first documented traces of Bali date back to the 8th century, showing the early spread of Buddhism and Hinduism. Bali's history has also revolved around the rise of the kingdom of Majapahit with the expansion of the ancient Hindu dynasty from the neighboring island of Java. The first European contacts were established with the Portuguese, the Spaniards, then the Dutch, as well as the boom in the spice trade through the Strait of Malacca in the 16th century. The occupation by the Dutch via the Dutch East India Company preceded the nation's struggle for independence. Bali has remained strong until today with its arts and culture heavily influenced by Hinduism.

The best of Balinese culture

With its wonderful otherworldly traditions, Balinese culture can seem a little intimidating to a beginner. So to make it easier for you to enter this magical world, taste Balinese culture during a cultural evening, where music, art, food and dance collide. There are several that are held throughout the year.

Visit to a sacred temple

Bali is home to an endless number of ancient temples, many of which are the island's most iconic landmarks thanks to their magnificent centuries-old architecture against a backdrop of exoticism. You'll find temples all over Bali and around every corner, but there are a few noteworthy and must-see temples that will really give you a taste of the island's fascinating religious beliefs and dedication to the Hindu gods. One of the most visited is undoubtedly the temple of Tanah Lot, thanks to its location off the coast. Also very impressive is the temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatu, located atop the cliffs of Uluwatu and on the surf beaches below. Cultural performances such as the Ramayana ballet or the Kecak dance take place in a specially designed amphitheater.

Beauty rituals

The traditional beauty rituals of Indonesian women date back thousands of years, passed down from generation to generation for their miraculous aesthetic properties. In fact, these rituals are so respected that many are now widely used in modern spa resorts. You cannot come to Bali without tasting a traditional Balinese massage, and in local culture it is considered a routine part of everyday life. A Balinese-style massage incorporates traditional techniques from India and China to relax pressure points, stimulate nerve endings, and rejuvenate tired muscles from long pressure strokes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must-visit places in Bali include Uluwatu and Tanah Lot temples, Tegallalang rice terraces, Kuta and Seminyak beaches, and neighboring islands Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.
The best time to visit Bali is during the dry season, from May to September, when the weather is sunnier and ideal for outdoor activities.
In Bali, you can try typical dishes such as nasi goreng, mie goreng, babi guling, sate lilit, and grilled seafood, as well as Balinese specialties like lawar and bebek betutu.
In Bali, you can get around by renting a scooter, taking a taxi, hiring a car with a driver, using buses, or using transport apps like Grab or Gojek.
The best surf spots in Bali include Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Dreamland, Canggu, and Medewi, offering waves suitable for surfers of all levels.
Yes, Bali celebrates many traditional Balinese festivals such as Nyepi (Day of Silence), Galungan and Kuningan, as well as cultural festivals like the Bali Arts Festival.
The most famous temples in Bali are Besakih Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, and Tirta Empul Temple, each significant for Balinese spirituality and ceremonies.
Outdoor activities in Bali include hiking Mount Batur, rafting on the Ayung River, snorkeling in Amed, yoga classes, and mountain biking tours through Balinese villages.
Popular markets in Bali include Ubud Market, Sukawati Traditional Art Market, Gianyar Night Market, and Jimbaran Fish Market, where you can buy local produce and souvenirs.
In Bali, you can find a range of accommodations from luxury resorts to private villas, family-run guesthouses, and hostels, catering to all budgets and preferences.
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