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Treat yourself to a special, all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas. With over 700 islands and keys, the country spreads out into the Atlantic Ocean to cover more than 260,000 square kilometres. This rainbow-shaped archipelago of flat lands is the ideal place to relax or to enjoy your honeymoon. The scenery is beautiful, characterized by a strikingly bright blue, both in the sky and the omnipresent sea.

From the coral reefs emerge the beaches where the coconut palms reach up towards the azure sky. The forests and mangroves are all tamed wildernesses waiting to create wonderful memories. Whether experiencing this place through a hotel rental or booking a cruise throughout the Bahamas, you will discover a dense, rich environment that is – best of all – well preserved.

Diving enthusiasts all agree that the Bahamas is a paradise. The resorts are very popular with tourists. The hotels have made a science out of offering all the necessary amenities. Choose the Atlantis Paradise Island for incredible luxury rooms with stunning, sophisticated, and comfortable suites, delicious gourmet meals, and a variety of activities.

The Paradise Island Hotel offers you magical outings in isolated bays, practically swimming with the dolphins! The Atlantis Bahamas also has a golf course, a relaxing spa, and a casino. For the party-goers, a night club awaits every evening to end your day with fast-paced rhythms.

Note that if you select an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas, the country offers two different environments. The first is non-stop activities and is located on the islands of New Providence and Grand Bahama Island. The second is more romantic – more contemplative – and is centred on the Out Islands. Take a few shopping trips to Nassau and Grand Bahama Island and, for the more adventurous, transform yourself into a real Robinson Crusoe and set off in search of adventure.

The archipelago is located not far from Florida, which makes Miami-Bahamas trips very easy. But the Bahamas has been independent for only thirty-five years. Colonized not by the US, but by the English, the archipelago is full of British heritage. From an historical perspective, the Bahamas is where Christopher Columbus first set foot on the American continent in 1492. It was he who gave the name to the Bahamian archipelago via the Spanish words “baja mar,” meaning “low sea.”

Historically, explorers frequently landed on the islands of the Bahamas. Successive waves of immigration are at the origin of the local culture. Dance is particularly appreciated by the population, particularly during the National Junkanoo Carnival. The vibrant music has its roots in slavery. Drums, goombays, Rake-N-Scrape, and Trinidadian calypso set the rhythm of local life.

To rent a hotel room in the Bahamas or to plan a cruise, be aware that between June and September, hurricanes can sweep the archipelago. Nevertheless, all year round, the sunny climate and mild or warm temperatures are most comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From Quebec, the flight time to the Bahamas is a minimum of about six hours, depending on the connection time that will be offered to the route by the airline.
Sixteen main islands are part of the whole of the Bahamas which includes more than 700 islands and islets, several of which are uninhabited.
In 2019, the population of the Bahamas was established at around 389,500.
Public transportation service is available to many of the main islands in the Bahamas. It is also possible to get around by taxi or car rental. On some of the islands, the popular form of transportation is the golf cart, as are bicycles and scooters. Between the islands, air transport is offered, as is a ferry or shuttle service, or rental of pleasure boats.
The Bahamas is a Commonwealth Kingdom with Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State.
Choose the Bahamas for the beauty of its beaches, the variety of activities and water sports, go diving in the seabed, go fly fishing, swim in crystal clear waters, discover the luxury of all-inclusive stays , visit the farm of the flamingos, their national bird, so many activities await you!
The low season, from April to October, is a good time of year to visit the Bahamas, the temperature is at its maximum during this period, hot and humid. However, year round, temperatures are favorable with an average varying from 26 to 32 degrees C .; from December to April, it is the high tourist season and the beaches are very busy.
The Bahamian dollar (BSD) is the monetary currency of the Bahamas, but everywhere the US $ dollar is accepted.
Sir Cornelius A. Smith has served as Governor General of the Bahamas since June 28, 2019.
There are over 35 species of sharks in the Bahamas. It is also possible to make excursions dives to meet certain species.
Destination located further north of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas are little affected by Sargassum algae; according to their Ministry of Marine Resources, the phenomenon exists but algae do not wash up on white sand beaches.
The island of the Bahamas is part of the Commonwealth, but its independence was granted by Great Britain on July 10, 1973.
Nassau is renowned for its beautiful beaches including Paradise Island, for its history, culture, all-inclusive hotels, casinos, restaurants and nightlife. Freeport attracts a very sporty clientele, lovers of scuba diving, kayaking, nature, boating activities, a privileged destination for bird watchers, but also for shopping and all-inclusive stays offered to both families and couples. looking for romance.
Freeport is a city in the Bahamas, located on the island of Grand Bahama.
Freeport in the Bahamas attracts a very active clientele who love water sports such as sailing, diving, kayaking, water excursions aboard a glass bottom boat to discover the beauties of the coral reefs, navigation on board from a rented yacht, beach, golf and trendy shopping activities.
While in Freeport, don't miss a visit to the Rand Nature Center to see bird varieties, Lucayan National Park, the second most visited park in the Bahamas, and the Port Lucaya Seaside Market for discover the culture of the island and for your purchases of souvenirs and local products.
From Nassau to Freeport, the duration of a domestic flight operated by BahamaAir is just under an hour; several departures during the day, but the risks of delay and loss of luggage are high. A ferry crossing is approximately 9 hours.
With the cost of living being quite high in the Bahamas, cheap accommodation is limited; but depending on whether the traveler wants an all-inclusive plan or not, there are certain possible choices.
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