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Literally translated as "Dove Island", Columbus Isle is a spectacular place, a sparsely populated island with some fascinating places. Discover welcoming hotels. You can choose a room designed as a personalized cabin, set generously along the beautiful beach and gardens, with a view of the sea. Whether you are coming solo as a couple or as a family, the wonders of Colombus Isle will rock you throughout. your stay.

History and culture

It is an island in the Bahamas archipelago. It was Christophe Colombe who gave it the name of San Salvador in homage to the person of the same name who allowed him to discover the Indian route. He would be buried with his partner on a shore of the island. A stay on Colombus Isle is above all an opportunity to soak up the rich undiscovered history of the island, which dates back beyond Christopher Columbus. You will bond with the welcoming and courteous local population. This will allow you to enrich yourself culturally, but also to take advantage of the local business opportunities that the island has to offer.

The wonders of the island

Subscribe to a diving package to get into the shoes of a local diver. The dive coaches are all friendly and courteous. You will also discover the rich, varied and original gastronomic wonders of the island. You will be able to settle in bars and restaurants with simply fabulous island settings. The resort is very popular and offers many opportunities for bike rides to explore the island and meet the locals. Dark chocolate bread is a marvel that you cannot fail to taste. It would be a sacrilege. In fact, nothing prevents you from bringing some home to share the experience with those who could not come.

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