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Freeport is one of the most relaxing ports of call on a Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. With its magnificent white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, this large island also offers many exciting and adventurous activities. The island, which offers the perfect taste of the tropics, also has unique sites, excellent shopping and delicious restaurants that serve fresh seafood and local Caribbean dishes.

History and culture

The Spaniards gave the island the name of Gran Bajamar, which means "Great Shallow Sea", from which the name of all the islands of the Bahamas will eventually be derived. Grand Bahama's existence for nearly 200 years has been largely supported by these "great slums". The coral reefs surrounding the island were treacherous and repelled Spanish explorers, but attracted pirates, who lured ships to the reefs where they ran aground and were plundered. The Spanish took little interest in the island after enslaving the inhabitants of Lucayan who inhabited it before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492.

The unavoidable

Enjoy fishing

With a wide variety of fish swimming at the bottom of these Caribbean waters, you will have the opportunity to fish on the bottom while on board a custom designed fishing boat. It's a great way to take in the waters and sights of the Bahamas while attempting to fish.

Sail through Freeport National Park

As you paddle a kayak through the coves of Lucayan National Park, you will see mangrove forests, an assortment of native animal and plant species in their natural habitat, while soaking up the history of the island.

Tour the island by jeep

Get used to driving on the left side of the road when driving your own jeep on a tour of some of Freeport's iconic landmarks. You will have a view of the waterfalls, the beautiful gardens and many other interesting points of the island. If you like athletics, you can cycle around the island.

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