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Great Exuma

Exuma is a special destination with hotels and resorts that bring guests closer to the sea. Wake up in the crystal blue Atlantic on islands with a long list of things to do.

History and culture

Exuma has an interesting and rich history. From pre-colonial natives to the introduction of plantations and pirates, Exuma has a fascinating past. Many people who visit Exuma question the origin of the name. It is believed to have its roots in an Indian name, but the exact derivation has not yet been established. Since the arrival of Christophe Colomb, the country has gone through colonization by the Spaniards, then by the British. Between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, many pirates invaded the waters of the island. Exuma is today a peaceful tropical place with lots of laid back and welcoming locals. Tourists have been flocking there for years, and more recently with the popularity of the famous swimming pigs.

The unavoidable

Cat N 'Chill 

At Chat N 'Chill, you can enjoy a few tropical drinks, play volleyball and soak up the laid back atmosphere. Experience the relaxed atmosphere of Chat N 'Chill, touted as one of the best beaches on the island. Swim over a thousand feet of pristine white sand and savor tropical drinks, exotic grills, and enjoy the volleyball courts.

Exuma Cays land and sea park

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is the first of its kind in the world. Famous for its pristine beauty, exceptional anchorages and breathtaking marine environment, its transparent turquoise waters feature natural gardens of coral reefs teeming with fish and lobsters. Within the boundaries of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park are several public and private cays.

Cay d'Allan

Allan's Cay is one of the few places in the Out Islands where you can see iguanas. While iguanas may appear fierce, they are actually gentle herbivores.

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